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The airport of Bandaranaike International Airport will be closed for airport operations for eight hours daily from 0830 hrs. to 1630 hrs. commencing from 06 January 2017 to 05 of April 2017.


The purpose of the closure is to overlay the runway for upgrading the condition and to improve the fiction level.  This would be the first time such an overlaying project is to be carried out since its construction in 1986.


Daily closure times during the aforesaid period have been decided considering the period with least congestion to minimize the impact on airlines and airport users.  Currently, there are 164 aircraft movements per day and measures have been taken to reschedule all possible aircraft movements during the night. (1630 hrs. 0830 hrs.).


Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited as the airport operator has arranged all possible measures to minimize the effects to stakeholders and kindly request the passengers to be at the airport four hours prior to departure time and also to accompany with minimum numbers or no visitors when arriving at the airport.


Respective airlines will update their passengers on further revision of the flight schedules.  Passengers who have already booked their tickets on any of the flights which were scheduled to operate during the above closure time are also advised to contact their travel agent/s or the nearest Airlines ticketing office for details on revised times and/or alternative routings.  Passengers are advised to be at the airport to be at the airport four (04) hours prior to scheduled departure time since the airline check-in counters will be closed one (01) hour prior to scheduled departure time.


All airport users are requested to arrive at the airport early to avoid any inconvenience due to unforeseen traffic congestions.  A special traffic plan will be implemented by Sri Lanka Police within and around the airport during the aforesaid period and all vehicle are expected to use the airport vehicle parks for parking refraining from irregular parking that would cause traffic congestion.


Passengers who are departing for foreign employment are kindly requested to obtain the Registration from the Head Office of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment  (SLBFE) or from island wide SLBFE branches prior to arriving at the airport to avoid inconvenience.  This is a mandatory requirement for passengers who will travel overseas after 01st November 2016 as only the scrutinizing of documents will be carried out at the airport SLBFE Office.


Updated Jan '17.