From 30 June 2018, all international departing flights will have restrictions in place limiting inorganic powders to volumes less than 350ml per passenger in the aircraft cabin.

These powders include items such as sand, salt, talcum powder, powdered cleaning detergents and some types of make-up.

Passengers are now only allowed to carry 350ml or 350gm of inorganic powder per person through the security screening point.

Visit the Australian Government's TRAVELSECURE website for more information.

Customers booked to travel with Thai Airways International, either via a travel agent or online via, are not charged any additional fees to request services such as special meals, wheelchairs or for seat allocation.

In some cases, some travel agents may impose fees for these requests and we recommend customers should check with the booking/ticketing agent for details of any fees charged and ask for clarification as necessary.

Fees may apply for changes or corrections to ticketed bookings or for some specialist services.  Please call us on 1300 651 960 for information.



LIT! Bangkok Hotel Special Disounts - Ends 22 Dec '15

LIT! Bangkok Hotel Special Disounts - Ends 22 Dec '14


Stop, Shop and Refresh at LIT! Bangkok and Take Advantage of these Special Offers...


For passengers travelling THAI from Australia to Thailand :

                         LIT Spa

Kiriya Spa : LIT! Bangkok


Offer 1 - For passengers travelling on Thai Airways International and staying at LIT! Bangkok Hotel


Present your THAI boarding pass* at the hotel check-in and enjoy the following benefits:


1. Buy one get one free spa at Kiriya Spa from the a la carte menu and package.

2. Dine at BCDE, Pasta & Pool or Fiesta Steppe and enjoy 20% discount of food and beverages.


                          LIT Restaurant

Dining at LIT! Bangkok


Offer 2 - For passengers travelling THAI but not staying at LIT! Bangkok


Present your THAI boarding pass* at the respective outlets and receive the following benefits :


1. Receive a 40% discount from the a la carte spa menu at Kiriya Spa.

2. Dine at BCDE, Pizza & Pasta or Fiesta Steppe and enjoy a 15% discount on food and beverages.


Both offers are valid until 22 Dec '15. *THAI boarding passes must have been issued to the travellers within the last 30 days of presentation at the hotel.


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