Purchase THAI air ticket, you may have chance to win iPhone 6!

Passengers who purchase THAI tickets in Kunming and fly from Kunming to Bangkok during 01May-31Jul15 has chance to win iPhone 6!


  1. 1. Passengers who purchase THAI tickets in Kunming and fly from Kunming to Bangkok during 01May-31Jul15 can participate in this activity. Please fill in the information on the lucky draw leaflets, cut it down, and give it to your ticket agency. If your ticket is purchased through internet, you can forward your information including name, address, contact number, departure date and passport No. to our e-mail address: luckydraw.kmg@thaiairways.com.cn. If you just know this promotion after flying, please keep your boarding pass for TG613/Kunming-Bangkok and contact THAI office in Kunming before the lucky draw day.
  2. 2. The prizes will be drawn at three times under openness and fairness: the first Lucky Draw will be held on 15Jun15 for passenger traveled during 01-31May15; the second Lucky Draw will be held on 15Jul15 for passenger traveled during 01-30Jun15; the third Lucky Draw will be held on 14Aug15 for passenger traveled during 01-31Jul15. Please bring your passport to THAI Kunming office to get your prize within one week after lucky draw day. The winner who failed to pick up the prize within the specified days shall be deemed abandoned automatically.
  3. 3. Thai Airways Kunming reserves the rights of final explanation on this promotion.

For reservation and reservation, please contact Thai Airways Kunming Office or our authorized agents:

  1. Thai Airways Int’l Kunming Tel: 0871-63511515
  2. Yunnan Yuandao Air Service Tel: 0871-96114
  3. Yunnan Sanye Air Service Tel: 0871-63516888
  4. Yunnan Passenger & Cargo Agency Tel: 0871-68065111
  5. Kunming Huaxin Air Service Tel: 0871-63133333
  6. Kunming Xing Wuyi Air Service Tel: 0871-63111111
  7. Kunming Hangyi Tel: 0871-67163163
  8. Kunming Dianjingyue Tel: 0871-66335555
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