Thai Airways would like to inform all passengers that flights TG910 from Bangkok to London Heathrow and TG911 from London Heathrow to Bangkok are delayed. The new estimated arrival and departure times are as follows:

* Flight TG910 estimated time of arrival - 20.20.

* Flight TG911 estimated time of departure - 21.20

* Flight TG911 estimated time of arrival - 15.10 (29th April)

Thai Airways would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. For further information please contact us on 0330 400 4022.



Mr. Sorajak Kasemsuvan

President of THAI Airways International Pubilc Company Limited(THAI) Joined THAI since October 9, 2012
Was a chairman of the Board of Director MCOT PCL.

Mr. Chokchai Panyayong

Senior Executive Vice President, Commercial
Joined THAI since October 27, 1983.
Experienced in Business Development and Special Project at Suvarnabhumi Airport including asset management.

Mr. Pandit Chanapai

Managing Director, Ground Services Business Unit
(Executive Vice President Level)
Joined THAI since November 1, 1983.
Experienced in Marketing and Sale Management.

Flt.Lt. Montree Jumrieng

Executive Vice President, Technical Department
Joined THAI since October 2, 1988.
Experienced in Flight Operation Department and Personnel Management Department.

SQN.LDR.Asdavut Watanangura

Executive Vice President, Operations Support for DD-D
Joined THAI since February 4, 1995.
Experienced in Flight Operation

Mr. Teerapol Chotichanapibal

Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
Joined THAI since November 1, 1983.
Experienced in Commercial and Catering.

Mr. Danuj Bunnag

Executive Vice President, Products and Customer Services
Joined THAI since August 1, 1988.
Experienced in Amadeus System and Marketing.

Mr. Niruj Maneepun

Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Compliance
Joined THAI since March 3, 2008.
Experienced in Legal and Compliance.

Mrs. Wasukarn Visansawatdi

Executive Vice President, Finance and Accounting
Joined THAI since March 1, 1988.
Experienced in Finance and Accounting

Lt. Athisak Padchuenjai

Executive Vice President, Operations
Joined THAI since July 1, 1979.
Experienced in Flight Operations.