Stay connected on the world of business or social media with your mobile device. Check your emails or surf the web on your laptop in the air with THAI Sky Connect.


THAI in-flight Wi-Fi internet service is offered on Airbus A380-800 and A330-330 (33H) flights only.

Wi-Fi internet connectivity is available on THAI’s six Airbus A380-800 aircrafts that operate flights to Paris (TG930), Frankfurt(TG920) , Narita(TG676), London(TG910), Hong Kong(TG600)

THAI’s seven Airbus A330-300 aircrafts that operate flights to Narita(TG640) ,Taipei - Seoul(TG634) ,Hong Kong(TG638) ,Taipei(TG636) ,Yangon(TG301) ,Beijing(TG662), Hanoi(TG564) ,Dubai(TG517) , Ho Chi Minh(TG556) ,Haneda(TG682) ,Kuala Lumpur(TG415) , Fukuoka(TG648)


Please note this service is prohibited when flying over some countries such as Vietnam and India.

Prices for Wi-Fi packages:

                                                 10 MB = USD4.99
                                                 20 MB = USD8.99
                                                 30 MB = USD12.99
                                               100 MB = USD34.99


Service Fee is payable by both credit and debit card.

Click here to read the THAI Sky Connect guide