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Airbus 380-800


THAI now operates the London Heathrow - Bangkok route with its state of the art Airbus A380-800, departing lunchtime from London and overnight from Bangkok.


In THAI’s configuration, the number of seats is set to 507, in three class: 12 in Royal First Class, 60 in Royal Silk (Executive) Class, and 435 in Economy. This design has been chosen to allow for enhanced comfort and service features in all class, and endorses THAI’s policy of providing the best possible flying experience “With touches of Thai”. This “Customer Value Strategy” ensures that all aspects of THAI’s inflight presentation, at every customer touch point, maintains the airline’s competitive advantage as one of the world’s premier carriers.

The décor and ambience onboard THAI’s A380s continue to reflect the airline’s long-established image, combining rich vibrant colours with traditional design element seen, for example, on bulkhead murals. The overall atmosphere is chic and sophisticated, with variable cabin ‘mood’ lighting simulating different times of day. 24 cabin attendants on each flight maintain THAI’s highest standards of inflight service. This is supported, particularly, by the provision of seven galleys and food service stations, more than is offered on this aircraft by any other airline.


THAI’s A380 Royal First Class

THAI A380 Royal First Class

This “Top Tier” prestige class provides just 12 compartment-style seats, offering greater privacy in a separate cabin, combined with the highest degree of personal service. Seats have an 83” pitch, 26.5” width and 180° fully-flat bed configuration. The 23” AVOD interactive touch screen entertainment and information system offers almost unlimited channels, plus there is full connectivity for Wi-Fi, mobile and SMS communications devices, with an in-seat PC Power outlet. Other exclusive facilities include spacious lavatory/dressing room, and Royal First Lounge on-board that serves as a multipurpose area.


THAI’s A380 Royal Silk Class

THAI A380 Royal Silk Class

With a “Best in Class” strategy, designed to provide the maximum in comfort and service for these premium passengers, THAI builds on its reputation for excellence. The separate Royal Silk Class cabin contains 60 shell seats in a staggered layout for greater privacy and direct aisle access. Seats provide a 74” pitch. 20”width and 180° fully-flat recline. The 15” personal AVOD interactive touch screen, Wi-Fi, SMS and mobile communication access, plus in-seat PC Power point add to passenger convenience.


THAI’s A380 Economy class

THAI A380 Economy Class

The 435 seats in THAI’s Economy Class occupy the whole of the lower deck and rear section of the upper deck, which is entered by a dramatic curving double staircase.

Seats offer a generous 32” pitch, with 18” width. The 10.6” AVOD seatback touch screen provides an interactive system with virtually unlimited access for movies, information, music and gaming channels. Economy Class seats also have communications device connectivity and PC power point.

 THAI has a long-established reputation for the high quality of its Economy Class inflight service, for which it has won many international awards over the past four decades. In the A380, THAI passengers can experience an even more comprehensive range of benefits to make their journeys “Smooth as silk”.


Entertainment system and Convenience equipment

The In-flight entertainment system on board THAI’s A380-800 offers passengers a total of 100 movies, 150 television programs, 500 CD albums, and 60 games. In-flight Wi-Fi connectivity enables passengers to use mobile phones, tablets or laptops for a fee, so that they may remain connected when traveling on board flights.

Moreover, THAI has installed additional galley equipment, such as microwave, espresso machine, and galley air chiller. Passengers can enjoy a vast array of meal and beverage selection on board THAI’s Airbus A380-800.

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