Under the attack of Tropical Cyclone Hato, flights will be rescheduled as follow:

A) Flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong

    TG600 - Bangkok Departure Time : 13:30 // Hong Kong Arrival Time:    17:15


    TG638 - Bangkok Departure Time: 21:15 // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 01:00 (24AUG17)

    TG606 - Bangkok Departure Time: 22:15 // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 02:00 (24AUG17)

    TG602 - Bangkok Departure Time: 03:00(24AUG17) // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 06:45 (24AUG17)

B) Flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok

     TG603 - on schedule

     TG601 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 18:45 // Bangkok Arrival Time: 20:30


     TG639 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 02:00 (24AUG17) // Bangkok Arrival Time: 03:40 (24AUG17)

     TG607 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 03:00 (24AUG17) // Bangkok Arrival Time: 04:40 (24AUG17)

C) Flight from Phuket to Hong Kong

     TG608 - Phuket Departure Time: 04:40 (24AUG17) // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 09:20 (24AUG17)

D) Flight from Hong Kong to Phuket

     TG609 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 15:00 // Phuket Arrival Time: 17:20

E) Flight from Seoul to Hong Kong


F) Flight from Hong Kong to Seoul


Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information, or passengers may call +852 2179-7777 during office hour(08:30-1730) for more details.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



2001 Awards


2001 Awards

1. THAI's floral float made a remarkable entry at the 112th Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, USA, under the theme "Getting to Know You", and won the Craftsman Award.

2. THAI has been awarded the top four ASEAN AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE 2001 by ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) under advertising and public relations category; 1. Best Asean Cultural Preservation Effort; the promotional materials printed with THAI's painted aircraft - Suphannahong and Narai Sog Suban 2. Best Asean Poster; THAI's promotional posters featuring Cambodia, Indonesia and Trang Province of Thailand 3. Best New Tourism Attraction in the Asean Region; THAI's Underwater Wedding Project organized in Trang Province of Thailand, and 4. Best Airlines Program into Asean; THAI's Royal Orchid Holidays Program 2000/2001

3. THAI won 2001 PATA Gold Awards under the category of TRAVEL POSTER as follows; Smooth as Silk to Trang, Smooth as Silk to Indonesia, Smooth as Silk to Cambodia and Smooth as silk to China.

4. THAI's Provincial Station Service Department (Chiang Mai) and G.S.E. Maintenance Services Department were awarded ISO 9002 Certification from RW Tuv Institution Germany.

5. THAI's Technical Department and the New Aircraft Maintenance Facility at
U-TAPAO Airport were awarded ISO 14001 from BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International)

6. The Catering Services Department of THAI was awarded The Prime Minister's Industry Award 2001 under the category Quality Management. Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra officially presented the award on 4th May.

7. THAI was received first place rank for serving the best wine on board its Executive Class and was awarded 2001 Best Overall Business Traveller's Cellars in the Sky Award by Business Traveller's Magazine. THAI was also voted top for Best White Wine and ranked among the top five Asia Pacific airlines for serving the best champange of board.

8. THAI was awarded by leading Japanese travel consultant companies to receive the first prize national. marketing award to mark the campaign "Have You Ever Seen World Heritage" in Japan

9. THAI was ranked top on Holiday Asia's website; www.holiday-asia.com, for the Favorite Airline poll.

10. Thai Airways International was voted among the top three Best Asia-Pacific airlines and Best Economy Class, according to the Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Readers' Poll survey published in the October 2001 issue. THAI was also ranked among the top five for overall Best Airline, Best Business Class and Best Frequent Flyer Program.

11. Thai Airways International has recently been voted the "Best Intercontinental Airline" at the Danish Travel Award 2001 ceremony. The survey was conducted by DMA/Research on behalf of STAND BY, a Scandinavian travel trade publication.

12. THAI's Second Aircraft Maintenance Center in U-Tapao recently received an Air Agency Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the maintenance center being capable of conducting overhaul checks on Boeing 747-400 aircraft, effective from 30 November 2001 onwards.

13. THAI's Osaka Office in Japn has been declared the winner of the "Kodansha Advertising Award 2001" due to the advertising campaign in route between Osaka-Bangkok.

14. THAI was received the 2001 Fire Protection System in hugh building by Office of the Prime Minister.

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