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Spice Up Your Business Agenda Campaign from Manila Economy class

Valid for ticketing : Now - 31 December 2015

Departure date : Now - 31 December 2015


From Manila

Price Roundtrip for 1 passenger(USD)
Starting from



Terms and Conditions for booking

1. Ticketing Date
  • Now - 31 December 2015
2. Departure Date Now - 31 December 2015
3. Blackout date Not applicable
4. Stopover M/H class: 1 Free stopover permitted in BKK. Additional USD50 for extra stop.  Collect TS tax.
Q/V/W class: Stopover in BKK permitted at USD50 per stop. Collect TS tax.
5. Surcharge Ticket price inclusive of and taxes
6. Ticket validity M/H class: 6 months
Q class: 3 months
V class: 1 month
W class: 14 days
7. Penalty
Before Departure
  - Change Reservation Not permitted
  - Rerouting Not permitted 
  - Reissuing Not permitted
  -  Refunds/ Cancellations 
    Totally unused ticket:M/H/Q class: Refund fee USD50
                                   V/W class : Refund fee USD100
After Departure
  - Change Reservation Not permitted
  - Rerouting Not permitted 
  - Reissuing
  • Not permitted
  - Refunds/Cancellations Partially used ticket:No Refund
8. Children and Infant
Accompanied child age 2 to 11 years charge 75% of the fare
Infant under 2 years of age and occupying seat charge 75% of the fare;
Unaccompanied chd 2-11yrs of age-charge same as adult fare.
Infant under 2 years without seat charge 10% of adult IATA fare;
Infant under 2 years without seat charge 25% of adult NET fare (for INTERNET only)
9. Mileage Accrual
  • M/H/Q class: Normal mileage accrual
    V/W class: Auccrues 25% ROP mileage of actual miles
10. Seat per flight Limited seat per flight.

** This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions including all upgrades

** TG reserves the right to change fares and conditions without prior notice.

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