Notice of Internet booking payment during CHUSEOK long holiday period of 30SEP-09OCT 2017

1.     Credit card payment

It is okay to issue tickets anytime when credit card payment is done at Thai homepage.

2.     Cash payment

During holiday period, SEOUL THAI office will be closed.

2.1.  Internet booking made until 28SEP with cash payment

Ticket can be issued when cash transfer is confirmed with staff of reservation or ticketing by the phone before 5pm of 28SEP17.

2.2.  Internet booking made between 29SEP -07OCT with cash payment Cash payment is not allowed.

2.3.  Internet booking made between 08OCT - 09OCT with cash payment

Cash payment is allowed. However, it is mandatory to confirm cash transfer with staff of reservation or ticketing by the phone on/after 10OCT within 72hours of reservation generated.

    Please kindly be informed that if cash transfer is not confirmed with staff, then reservation will be automatically cancelled after 72hours.

    Thank you.


Disabled passenger who is unable to access Thai Airways website can purchase discounted fare ticket by telephone reservation or count sale.
(TG reservation in Seoul: 02-3707-0011, TG reservation in Pusan: 051-600-8183)

Online Booking&Terms and Conditions



  • Please make sure that you have to read online booking terms and conditions as below. After that, please try online booking below this page
  • thaiair ticket

  • ■ Booking at least 6 hours before the scheduled departure
  • - When you purchase an air ticket for departure from Korea with a credit card, you can book a ticket until at least 6 hours before the scheduled departure.
  •    You can also book up until the date in the Online Special Offers section where the fares appear.
  • - When you select wire transfer for payment, you can book until at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • ■ Online discounted tickets can only be purchased online
  • - The fares that are announced on the Thai Airways website are applicable only when you purchase a ticket online.
  • - Please be aware that the Thai Airways office can't check the availability of a seat with an online fare, and charge the same fares as those online.
  • ■ Book up to 9 passengers
  • - You can book up to 9 passengers at a time, including minors. Please make sure that you book separately when the total number of passengers exceeds 9.
  •    It is prohibited to book a minor only, so please take this into account when dividing the passengers for booking.
  •    The seats you have assigned can be cancelled or changed without any prior notice due to change of an aircraft.
  • ■ Contact a Thai Airways office in the country of departure when you depart from overseas
  • - In case you purchase a ticket departing from overseas on the THAI Korea website, you will automatically be connected to the Thai Airways website of the
  •   country your journey commence on the booking to purchase your ticket. Please contact a Thai Airways office in the country you are departing from for enquires
  •   about airfares, a change of departure date, refunds and so forth.
  • ■ Ensure that you read the fare conditions carefully
  • - Aside from the general conditions for air tickets specified here, the fare conditions (service fees for changing the date and the availability of a refund) are stipulated
  •   on an air ticket you are booking. You can check that during booking, so please read it thoroughly and become familiarized with it.
  • ■ Enter your name in English, as shown in your passport
  • - lf the spelling of your name differs from the name in your passport, even if your name, as spelled out in English, is phonetically pronounced the same as the Korean
  •   name in your passport, the names will be recognized differently in accordance with international standards.
  • - When you enter your name in the traveler information section, you must enter the same spelling of your name in English as the one in your passport.
  •   Once your ticket is issued, your name cannot be changed. Therefore, please double-check your name in English when you enter.
  • ■ Spell correction after ticket issuance
  • When spelling correction is needed after ticket has been issued, the ticket should be re-issued with new reservation.
  • In this case , if the confirmed class is closed to book, the fare can be increased as higher class is applied.
  • Please check the spelling and name order in passport before making reservation.
  • ■ Using a credit card
  • - You must use your own credit card to pay for your airfare. When you check in, you must present the credit card which you used to pay for your airfare, and identify
  •   yourself. If you don't bring the credit card, or if your name differs from the name on your credit card, you may be denied boarding.
  • - If you have to use another person's credit card, you must visit Thai Airways office in your area and go through the consent procedure for the use of a credit card.
  • - In case of purchasing ticket by credit card, please kindly check below two e-mails.
  •     1) Confirmation mail of reservation will be sent to customer’s e-mail
  •     2) E-ticket issued automatically by the system will be sent to customer’s e-mail
  • - In case of purchasing two tickets with same itinerary but different fare, one ticket should be refunded after checking re-confirmation of the other reservation record.
  • - Corporate credit cards are not accepted.
  • - after credit card payment has been approved, the ticket is issued, after ticket has been issued credit card approval cannot be cancelled.
  • If you wish to cancel your ticket , it will be processed as normal refund procedure.
  • ■ Credit card payment errors
  • - Ensure that your credit card number or CVC number is entered correctly.
  • - The credit card's issuing bank may often not approve certain credit cards for online purchases. Use another credit card or contact your credit card company.
  • ■ Wire transfer information
  • - If you pay the airfare by means of a wire transfer, transfer your airfare into our Citi Bank account within 72hours of booking. After you transfer your airfare, you need
  •   to call the Thai Airways Ticketing Department to see if the payment went through.
  •   If the ticket time limit is weekend or Holiday, you should transfer the day before Holiday or by Friday and contact us.
  •   You should contact us during working hour, Monday to Friday only from 9am to 6pm.
  •     1) Departing from Incheon : Citi Bank 5 008673 006 (Account Holder -Thai Airways)/Tel. 02 3707 0133 or 02 3707 0011
  •     2) Departing from Pusan : Citi Bank 5 008674 002 (Account Holder -Thai Airways)/Tel. 051 600 8183~4
  • - If you don't transfer your airfare within 72 hours of your booking, your booking will automatically be canceled. Please also be aware that your ticket will not be issued
  •   if you don't check with Thai Airways whether or not the payment went through.
  • ■ Check your visa and your passport expiration date on your own
  • - You need to contact the embassy or the immigration office of the country you will visit or transfer through in order to check your passport expiration date and your
  •   visa for your one-way or round-trip travel.
  • ■ Contact the airline you are accumulating mileage with for enquiries about mileage
  • - Mileage which you may earn for flight segments with Thai Airways may be accumulated and used for the upgrade of your seat on any Star Alliance member airline.
  • - The mileage conditions that appear during booking are based on the Thai Airways mileage program. In order to find out about the accrual of your mileage or the
  •   upgrade of your seat with another Star Alliance member airline for the ticket you have purchased, please contact the Star Alliance member airline with which your
  •   mileage accumulate, not Thai Airways.
  • ■ Refunds
  • - Refunds for totally unused tickets can be made after deducting the applicable refund charges. No refund will be made for tickets used out of sequence.
  •   THAI may refuse refund if application is made later than 90days after expiry of E-tickets. Reservation should be cancelled before the departure date.
  • - lf you are scheduled to depart from Incheon, please call Thai Airways Reservation office 82 3707-0011 or Ticketing Department at 82-3707-0133 for a refund
  •   within working hours, from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday only.
  •    If you are scheduled to depart from Busan, please call 82-51-600-8183/4. Refund cannot be requested through Airport office.
  • - If you are not scheduled to depart from Korea, then contact a Thai Airways office in the country you are scheduled to depart from.
  • ■ Online Booking information
  • Online Booking information
  • In order protect the rights of passengers who purchase their tickets throught the oline booking facility on the Thai Airways, and to avoid unwanted disputes, please check all the purchase condditions, such as those pertaining to changes of dates, reissuing of tickets, and refunds.

  • - Online booking is available from the dates that the fares are announced until at least 6 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  •   (Online booking is only available 72 hours before the scheduled departure when transferring your fare into a Thai Airways bank account.)
  • - Your name must be entered correctly, in English, as it appears in your passport.
  •    (Your name in English can't be changed after a ticket has been issued.)
  • - If you contact a Thai Airways office in your region, you will not be able book a ticket for the same fare as the one online.
  •   The availability of online flight schedules, seats and fares cannot be checked by the Thai Airways office.
  • - You are only permitted to book flights on dates for which the fares have been announced.
  •   Fares for subsequent dates will be announced on the Thai Airways website as soon as they are determined. 




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