Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) operates normal flights to Fukuoka, Japan and waives fees for ticketing changes.


Due to the earthquake at Kyushu Island, Japan, causing destruction and difficulty for THAI passengers traveling to and from Fukuoka, THAI is waiving fees for ticket changes during this period. Fees are waived for passengers holding THAI tickets issued from Thailand before 15 April 2016 for the round trip route Bangkok-Fukuoka-Bangkok, including THAI domestic tickets that are part of the Bangkok-Fukuoka-Bangkok itinerary.


1. Fees are waived for passengers who have already used part of their tickets, but are not able to return on the pre-booked flight. Passengers may change the date of their return flight in the same class of service. However, the return date must be before the expiry date of the ticket.

2. Fees are waived for passengers holding the complete unused ticket itinerary with travel date booked within 30 April 2016. Passengers may change the travel date one (1) time for the same class of travel and follow the same conditions as specified on the tickets.

3. Passengers requiring route change may change to Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya with no fees applied. However, passengers must pay the difference in ticket fares and associated taxes.


For additional information or ticket change inquiry, passengers may contact THAI Contact Center at +66(0)2-356-1111 or THAI sales offices in Fukuoka, Japan at +81 (0) 570-064-015


Special fare from Indonesia


Click for no stopover

Valid for ticketing : Now - 31 March 2014

Departure date : Now - 30 June 2014

Routing From Copenhagen
Class of Service
Business class (J,U)
Economy class

Price Roundtrip
for 1 Passenger (DKK)
Price Starting From
Ticket Validity
Bangkok J 17768 3 Months
U 13014
M 6130
H 5780
Q 5430
V 5080 1 Month
W 4730
Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai/
Khon Kaen/Ubon Ratchathani/
Udon Thani/Hat Yai/Phuket/
Surat Thani/Krabi
J 17931 3 Months
U 13177
M 6293
H 5943
Q 5593
V 5243 1 Month
W 4893
Hanoi / Ho Chi Minh / Yangon/
Mandalay/Vientiane /Phnom Penh
J 19018 3 Months
U 14264
M 7229
H 6785
Q 6435
V 6085 1 Month
W 5735
Kuala Lumpur/Penang/Singapore J 19358 3 Months
U 14604
M 7370
H 6894
Q 6544
V 6194 1 Month
W 5844
Manila/Hongkong/Macau J 19579 3 Months
U 14825
M 7643
H 7131
Q 6781
V 6431 1 Month
W 6081
Denpasar Bali/Jakarta/ Taipei J 20752 3 Months
U 15998
M 8070
H 7502
Q 7152
V 6802 1 Month
W 6452
Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Perth J 23879 3 Months
U 19125
M 10888
H 10148
Q 9798
V 9448
W 9098
Auckland J 26327 3 Months
U 21842
M 11431
H 11081
Q 10731
V 10381
W 10031

Terms and Conditions for booking

1. Ticketing Date Now - 31 March 2014
2. Departure Date Now - 30 June 2014
3. Blackout date Not applicable
4. Surcharge Ticket price inclusive of surcharges and taxes.
5. Stopover
  • Jakarta/Denpasar Bali to Thailand - 2 stopovers: 1 in Bangkok in each direction
  • Jakarta/Denpasar Bali to beyond Thailand - 2 stopovers: 1 in Bangkok in each direction, except to destination LAX, 1 additional stopover in SEL is permitted
6. Penalty
Before Departure
  - Change Reservation Permitted with fee USD75 (please put as XP)
  - Rerouting Not permitted
  - Reissuing Not permitted
  -  Refunds/ Cancellations 
    Totally unused ticket: Refund fee
  • Jakarta/Denpasar Bali to Thailand: Refund fee USD100
  • Jakarta/Denpasar Bali to beyond Thailand: Refund fee USD150
After Departure
  - Change Reservation Permitted with fee USD75 (please put as XP)
  - Rerouting Not permitted
  - Reissuing Not permitted
  - Refunds/Cancellations Partially used ticket: No refund
7. Children Accompanied child age 2 to 11 years; discount 75% of the fare
8. Mileage Accrual
  • J/H/Q class : Normal mileage accrual
  • W/V class : Accrues 25% ROP mileage of actual miles
9. Seat per flight Limited seat per flight.

** This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions including all upgrades

** TG reserves the right to change fares and conditions without prior notice.

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