Update from Thai Airways: Political Unrest

Update From Thai Airways for Singapore-Thailand Flights And Beyond

In view of the unrest in Bangkok, Thai Airways International is extending the following procedures for tickets issued on/before 22 January 2014 and for travel period from 22 January 2014 to 15 March 2014.

  1. Change Date Of Travel:
  2. For ticket issued for travel to/fromThailand
    • ticket validity will be extended to 15 March 2014
    • permit change of travel date without penalty fee and surcharges  

  3. Rerouting/Reissuance:
  4. For ticket issued for travel to/fromThailand and beyond Thailand destinations.
    • ticket can be rerouted /reissued within its validity without incurring penalty fee and surcharges
    • any additional amount (fares, taxes and surcharges) to be collected at passenger’s account 
  5. Refund For Both Totally Unutilized And Partially Utilized Tickets:
    • ticket with Non-Refund condition remains Non-Refundable.
    • ticket with other conditions remains unchanged, subject to the applicable ticket conditons.

Please be guided accordingly.

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