Please kindly be informed that TG codeshare flight service from Bangkok to Kota kinabalu round trip will be suspended from 01 September 2017 as following;
TG2421 (WE421) / Bangkok – Kota Kinabalu / MON, WED, FRI, SAT
TG2422 (WE422) / Kota kinabalu – Bangkok / MON, WED, FRI, SAT


Gold Package

  • 15 minutes briefing, 45 minutes flight time.
  • Aimed at those with actual flying experience, and/or pilot licenses.
  • Simulate an actual flight from Bangkok and Hong Kong.
  • Perform Take-offs from Suvarnabhumi International Airport.
  • Perform and RNAV STAR and ILS approach at Hong Kong International Airport or other major airport.
  • Perform 3 Touch & Go Landings at Suvarnabhumi International Airport to increase aircraft handling skills.