We invite applicants for the positions at the Executive Vice President Level as follows :


Position 1 :  Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Sustainable Development

Position 2 :  Executive Vice President, Commercial

The applicants must fulfill the following  requirements :

1.1 General Qualifications

1.1.1 All Nationalities eligible
1.1.2 Not older than 58 years of age at the submitted application date
1.1.3 Able to work full-time
1.1.4 Not being a bankrupt or not having been a dishonestly bankrupt
1.1.5 Not being a person of unsound mind or of mental infirmity
1.1.6 Not having been sentenced by a final judgment to imprisonment, except for          a sentence for an offence committed through negligence or a petty offence or having completed the sentence or expiration of the sentencing or waiting for final judgment over 5 years
1.1.7 Not having been ordered by a judgment or an order of a court that his assets shall be vested in the State on the grounds of unusual wealth or an unusual increase of assets
1.1.8 Not being a civil servant with a permanent position or salary, a political official, an employee of any government ministry, local official, member of a  local assembly or Bangkok senator or local government administrations
1.1.9 Not being a person holding any position in any political party or an official of political party
1.1.10 Not having been expelled, dismissed or removed from work on the ground of dishonest performance of duties
1.1.11 Not being in any dispute or in any litigation with Thai Airways International Public Company Limited. 

1.2  Job Qualification

Position  1 :  Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Sustainable Development 
Knowledgeable of strategic planning and of state enterprise planning, aviation route planning, flight scheduling, establish guidelines for the company’s business structure development, organization development and business information management including the company resource utilization, information technology management, and risk management. 

Position 2  :  Executive Vice President, Commercial
Knowledgeable at international standard in managing the commercial aspect of  the travel industry, such as, passenger travel for both domestic or/and international routes, branding and marketing, market planning and revenue management, sales, alliances, customer loyalty, including all the legal and regulatory of aviation implications for both domestic and international matters covering the THAI route network.

Remark :   The company reserves the right to amend the job qualification whenever the company deems appropriate for the benefit of the company.

Other Requirements

Besides the above qualifications, the applicants must have the following qualifications:
1.2.1  Minimum bachelor’s degree certified by Office of the Civil Service Commission of Thailand and overseas graduates must have their educational certificate equivalency certified by the Bureau of Higher Education Standards and Quality of Thailand
1.2.2  Knowledgeable and experienced in managing a large corporation, as follows :
- have or had been an executive of  the private sector or state enterprise whose income exceeds 1 billion baht per year and holding the position of at least one of the top three levels of the management of the organization with a minimum of 2 years tenure in the related position up to the date of application, in addition, Letter of Certification from related work function, the Fiscal  Report and organization chart or Annual Report must be submitted, or
- have or had been an executive of a government agency at the Department Level or equivalent and holding the position of at least one of the top three levels of management of the organization with a minimum of 2 years tenure in the related position up to the date of application.

Remark :   the applicants can apply for both positions by submitting separate document   for each position

2. Employment Conditions, Salary and Fringe Benefits
2.1 Employment Conditions Hiring contract in the position for not more than 4 years at a time from the date of employment or until reaching 60 years of age, whichever comes first. When the employment contract is fulfilled, if the employee has not reached 60 years of age, the Company may extend the contract but only for one time and must be in the same position until 60 years of age.
2.2 Salary and Fringe Benefits will be entitled to receive the salary and fringe benefits according to the qualification and experience and in accordance to the approval by the Board of Directors which the employee is solely responsible for his/her income tax, financial benefits, and any other income related to the job position specified in the employment contract, and hereby allows the employer to deduct the said income tax in accordance to the revenue code in Thailand.

3.  Application Procedure

3.1  Application Form : the interested applicants can download the application form through and submit the application form including all the required documents through e-mail : within April 5, 2017 at 17.00 hrs.(Bangkok local time). Further inquiries can be made at Tel. +662 545 1362, +662 545 1315, +662 545 1148 or e-mail :
3.2 Application Documents Required
1)  Application form (as stated above)   
2)  Resume   
3)  Education Certificates
4)  Work experience documents
5)  Letter of certification from employer, organization structures and
Financial statement or annual report responsible whilst in position stated in order to substantiate item 1.2.2 
6)  Copy of house registration
7)  Copy of identification card, or government identification card, or state enterprise identification card, or copy of passport for foreigners
8)  2 front facing photos  2 ”  within 6 months
9)  Certified medical certificate examined within 1 month
10)  Vision, management concept for the position applied in English, not more than 5 typed pages on A4 paper.

3.3  Application Process
The applicants can submit their application form through e-mail: within April 5, 2017 at 17.00 hrs. (Bangkok local time). All pages of the submitted documents must be signed by the applicant.

4.  Selection Procedure

4.1  The Company will announce the names of the applicants who have passed the initial requirement at the Company Bulletin Board, Head Office, opposite the Security Office, Ground Floor, and at
4.2  The Company will invite the eligible applicants for an interview at the stipulated time. Those who fail to come to the interview at the stipulated time will be considerated as retreat forfeiture.   

 5. Termination of Recruitment

The Company reserves the rights to terminate this recruitment process before the official announcement of the accepted applicants has been made and/or announce new recruitments or not. Present applicants will still be eligible for future consideration.

The Company will only consider appropriate applicants for the positions of Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Sustainable Development or Executive Vice President, Commercial. The applicants must accept the Company’s decision as final and the Company reserves the right in selecting the appropriate applicants or cancel the recruitment process as deemed justified. Therefore, the applicants hereby accepts the company’s decision as final and relinquishes any rights whatsoever.