THAI Corporate Contract Requirements

Terms and conditions for THAI Corporate Clients

  1. To be eligible for becoming THAI corporate client, the flown expenditures (excluding taxes and surcharges) on THAI international flights of your corporation or organization must be at least THB 1,000,000 per annum.
  2. THAI evaluates your travel expenditures based on booking class codes (RBD) reserved i.e. excluding RBD G, V, and W.
    This is provided that your tickets are purchased in Thailand and that the first sector of your ticket originates from Thailand.
  3. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between THAI and any corporation or organization would start on the first date of each month.
    Once signed THAI corporate client would initially be determined as local corporate Tier 1 client.
  4. One year after the agreement has been signed THAI would review and evaluate the total flown expenditures of your organization.If your flown expenditures meet our agreed target, benefits stated in the agreement will be provided to your organization by THAI. In the case when your volume of tickets purchased exceed the target of your current level status, THAI will upgrade you to the higher level status in correspondent to the flown expenditure figures stated in corporate benefits table. THAI reserves the right to terminate the MOU signed or cascade corporate client to lower Tier with the prior written consent at least 30 days under the condition that volume of tickets purchased under agreement does not meet the agreed target.
  5. By signing Memorandum of Understanding with THAI, you agree to choose THAI as your first choice carrier.

THAI SME Requirements

Terms and conditions for THAI SME Clients

  1. In order to become THAI SME client, your company must spend at least THB 300,000 per annum (excluding taxes and surcharges) on THAI internationally for travel originating from Thailand.
  2. Authorized person from your company must sign our letter of support (will be sent out to your email after registration has been approved) as a way to express your commitment to select THAI as your first choice carrier. In addition, as a THAI SME client, all reservations and ticketing must be done via our website only.
  3. THAI evaluates your travel expenditures regardless of booking class codes reserved. This is provided that your journey originates from Thailand.
  4. Any SME clients whose flown expenditures reach the target of THB 1,000,000 will be contacted by THAI to upgrade to local corporate scale.

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