Co-Promotion with KTC


Condition of the promotion

1.   This promotion is arranged by Krungthai Card Public Company Limited or KTC to give privilege to all KTC cardmembers under determined terms and conditions only. The cardmembers who have spending with primary or supplementary cards on airline ticket booking at during 1 September – 20 November 2017, and get 1 chance for prize draw for every 5,000 Baht spent. This promotion excludes KTC GOVERNMENT SERVICES card.
2.   Cardmembers must have spending with KTC credit cards as conditions apply. If cardmember cancels  the card used in this promotion during the promotion period with any reason, KTC considers that cardmember waive the participation. 


Condition of the prize draw

1.   KTC reserves the right of this promotion for only cardmembers with spending by KTC credit card on online ticket booking at during 1 September – 20 November 2017. Every accumulated spending of 5,000 Baht will get 1 chance of prize draw. For example, the total spending of 30,500 Baht during 12 – 31 October 2017 will get 6 chances of prize draw on 20 December 2017.

2.   To participate in this promotion the registration must be made via SMS, by typing TG1 <space> followed by 16 digits credit card number and send to 061 384 5000, or register online, during 1 September – 20 November 2017.

3.   The prize is included 2 economy class round trip tickets to any overseas destination with total value of 160,000 Baht. There are 3 Prizes with total value of 480,000 Baht

      3.1.Cardmembers who win the prize can choose from round trip tickets to overseas destinations with Thai Airways as follows: Copenhagen, Norway: Oslo, Belgium: Brussel, France: Paris, Russia: Moscow, Germany: Frankfurt, Munich, Switzerland: Zurich, Sweden: Stockholm, United Kingdom: London (Heathrow), Italy: Rome, Milan, Austria: Vienna* 1st flight starts 16 November 2017. Cardmember can choose only one destination.

     3.2 The mentioned tickets are economy class round trip which valid for 3 months from the date of tickets issued.

     3.3 The winner must pay for any fee and tax occured on the date of tickets issued.

     3.4 KTC reserves the right to prize draw for only cardmembers with spending according to condition defined and payment by the same credit card only.

4.   KTC reserves the right to exclude interest, credit limit adjustment fee, fine and any other fees and charges, including refunds from purchase cancellation and any other types of refund, from the calculation of privilege granting to the cardmembers under this promotion.

5.   KTC reserves the right to award, cancel, revoke or reclaim any privileges granted to the cardmembers under this promotion, wholly or partially, including the claim of compensation for damages (if any) if fraudulent activities are committed in order to receive this privilege, or if the credit card is used for any commercial purpose, in breaching of determined conditions, and for any non-consumption purpose, or when the transaction is cancelled after KTC duty granted privilege under this promotion to the cardmembers. 6.   At the end of this promotion, KTC will calculate number of rights of participating cardmembers from every channel according to condition defined. Every chance will be printed in the coupon with cardmembers’ credit card number (example 1234 56xx xxxx 7890), name and surname, and reference number in which 1 coupon/ 1 chance. The prize draw will take place only once at 2 P.M. on 20 December 2017 at Asia Airport Hotel, 99/2 Moo8, Paholyodhin Road, Khu Khot Tambon, Lum Lukka District, Pathum Thani Province , License No. 28/2560 issued on 1 September 2017 at Lum Lukka District Office, Pathum Thani Province.

7.   KTC reserves the right to give only 1 prize/ 1 cardmember through the promotion period.

8.   KTC reserves the right to prize draw for 20 reserved lucky cardmembers. If the first reserved cardmember lacks qualification defined or waive, KTC will give the prize to second reserved one and on. If at the end, all of them lack qualification defined or waive, KTC will cancel the Prize without notice in advance.

9.   KTC will announce list of lucky winners on 20 January 2018 at  and will email to them to pick up the prize within 15 days after the announcement. For the list of reserved lucky winners, KTC reserves the right not to announce, but will contact via e-mail and/or SMS instead.

10.   KTC will contact the lucky winners to inform of procedures, terms and conditions of prize receiving via [post mail/phone in accordance with the contact details for (Statement) deliver/phone number] which the cardmembers have provided to KTC within 15 days from the day of lucky winners announcement. The lucky winners are required to contact for receiving the prize under the determined terms and conditions within the determined period only otherwise KTC will assume that the cardmembers disclaims the prize.

11.   KTC reserves the right to grant the prize to lucky winners whose name and family name shown on identification card or (Passport) is consistent with the name shown on the credit card only. The lucky winner must pick up the prize within 15 days after confirmation and acknowlegement of travelling dates stated in the package, and also pay withholding tax. Lucky winner must present I.D. card and a certified copy. KTC will consider cardmembers’ signature as evidence of the Prize pick up.

12.   Lucky winner must pay 5% withholding tax of maximum total value of top prize 160,000 Baht according to the Revenue Department command TorPor4/2528 and or other related law (if any).

13.   The participation in this promotion is considered that the lucky winners agree to participate in PR campaign, or to present at the relevant event, or to take part in commercial photo shooting as determined by KTC, as well as allow KTC to take photographs to promote the photographs and the name of lucky winners on newspaper and/or any other advertisement media for public relation purpose. All rights relating to lucky winners’ photographs shall belong to KTC.

14.   The employees of KTC including KTC’s subsidiaries and associates, as well as the employees of the companies related to each specific campaign are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

15.   KTC reserves the right to give the prize to only cardmembers with active account and no overdue payment through this promotion period up until the day KTC gives the Prize. 

16.   KTC reserves the right to give, cancel, or revoke the Prize or all privileges according to this promotion, be it some or all. We also can claim for damage (if any) if we find the participation by fraud or the use of card for commercial purpose or against condition defined or wrongdoing of consumption or not as agreed in credit card contrat or loans contract or cardmember cancels the spending after KTC has given the prize or 9.privilege. KTC has all the right to investigate for more details from cardmembers.

17.   The Prize which cardmember wins in this promotion cannot be exchanged into cash, Cash Back, or other prize. It also cannot be transferred to others.

18.   KTC is neither distributor nor service provider and has no relations to the products/services in this promotion. If cardmember has any question or complaint or wants receipt or tax bill, please directly contact Thai Airways Public Company Limited at 02 356 1111.
19.   KTC reserves the right to verify spending evidence of cardmembers in any case. Cardmembers must keep sales slip and/or other neccessary evidence. We do not accept lost of information caused by technical problem.

20.   KTC reserves the right to consider every cardmember who participates and has spending with all KTC cards through the promotion period agree to accept all terms and condition of this promotion

21.   KTC reserves the right to amend or cancel terms and conditions, details, and/or privileges of this promotion (including changing to any other prizes with equivalent value) without prior notice

22.   The cardmember who wins the prize must follow all conditions and agreements. In the case of a dispute, KTC’s decision is deemed final.

23.   For more details, please call 02 123 5000 or contact


Terms & Conditions of Air Awards.

1.   Please contact KTC to make reservation.

2.   Upon booking confirmation, please contact Commercial Compliance & Travel Support Department
at the Thai Airways International Head Office to arrange for ticket collection.
3.   This offer is available for roundtrip ticket on Economy class from Bangkok to any international destinations.  
4.   Re-routing of above complimentary ticket is not permitted and has no monetary or refund value, nor can be sold, exchanged or otherwise transferred for monetary or transferable to other person or other considerations.
5.   Name change, Name correction (same person),  reroute and upgrade are not allowed after ticketed.
6.   You shall be responsible for taxes, insurance and other applicable surcharges imposed by the particular airport authorities on the complimentary ticket upon ticket pick up.