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Terms and conditions for TMB So GooOD Installment Plan

1. Eligible only for TMB credit cards with normal status. Cardholders need to apply via TMB Touch/ Internet Banking and call TMB Contact Center 1558 only in order to conclude TMB So GooOD installment repayment terms.

2. Spending excluded from TMB So GooOD installment plan comprises of business expense, cash advance withdrawal, mutual fund payment, cancelled transaction or transaction of returned goods, spending from temporary credit lines, cash out from credit card foreign exchange service, interest expense, penalty and other fees.

3. For payment that is converted to TMB So GooOD installment, TMB reserves the right to cancel TMB Rewards Plus bonus points for TMB So Fast and cash back into TMB No Fixed account for TMB So Smart which is the results from such conversion.

4. In making TMB So GooOD installment, cardholders must conduct the transaction in the same statement cycle with the spending.

- Via TMB Touch/ TMB Internet Banking, service hours valid after spending to statement cut-off date during 6.00 am –10.00 pm.

- Via TMB Contact Center, service hours valid after spending to 8:00 pm. of statement cut-off date

5. Minimum amount for monthly payment under TMB So GooOD facility is 1,000 Baht/ sales slip

6. Cardholders can choose among the installment terms offered by the Bank, which are currently fixed at 3 months, 6 months and 10 months with monthly interest at 0.89% (or as may be revised in the future). Specifically for 3-month term, the cardholders will be entitled to waiver of interest (0%), (or as may be revised in the future).

7. In case, cardholders decide to cancel So GooOD installment plan before term end (apply to 6 or 10 months tenor), TMB reserves the right to charge all left over interest from cardholders.

8. Now –31 Dec 2017