Flights Arrangement on 23AUG17 due to the impact of Tropical Cyclone Hato

Under the attack of Tropical Cyclone Hato, flights will be rescheduled as follow:

A) Flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong

    TG600 - Bangkok Departure Time : 13:30 // Hong Kong Arrival Time:    17:15


    TG638 - Bangkok Departure Time: 21:15 // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 01:00 (24AUG17)

    TG606 - Bangkok Departure Time: 22:15 // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 02:00 (24AUG17)

    TG602 - Bangkok Departure Time: 03:00(24AUG17) // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 06:45 (24AUG17)

B) Flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok

     TG603 - on schedule

     TG601 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 18:45 // Bangkok Arrival Time: 20:30


     TG639 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 02:00 (24AUG17) // Bangkok Arrival Time: 03:40 (24AUG17)

     TG607 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 03:00 (24AUG17) // Bangkok Arrival Time: 04:40 (24AUG17)

C) Flight from Phuket to Hong Kong

     TG608 - Phuket Departure Time: 04:40 (24AUG17) // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 09:20 (24AUG17)

D) Flight from Hong Kong to Phuket

     TG609 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 15:00 // Phuket Arrival Time: 17:20

E) Flight from Seoul to Hong Kong


F) Flight from Hong Kong to Seoul


Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information, or passengers may call THAI Contact Center (02) 356-1111 (24 hrs.) for more details.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Fly THAI to Taiwan, Get free pocket Wi-Fi
for 3 days.

Special offer is for passengers who purchase 
round trip ticket Bangkok - Taipei with minimum of 2 persons through from now until 30NOV16 and travel to Taipei within 31JAN17.

Purchase Tickets Online To Taiwan With THAI Get Free Pocket Wi-Fi 3 Days

Only 2 steps to get free pocket Wi-Fi 3 days

1. Purchase Bangkok - Taipei round trip tickets through within this 30 November 2016 and travel between 16 November 2016 - 31 January 2017. 

2. Register for pocket Wi-Fi within this 30 NOV 16 only
*For customers who would like to get pocket Wi-Fi within 1-3 days, please directly contact Samurai Wi-Fi to register at 02-632-9176.

Location for Pick up and Drop off Pocket Wi-Fi

Location: Suvarnabhumi Airport, floor B1

For customers who want to get pocket wifi at the airport. Please contact;

Tel: 02-632-9176

Contact number for airport: 094-794-7722or 094-497-4721

Map for Pick up and drop off Pocket Wi-Fi

Product Specifications

Brand: ZTE

Model: MF910

Signal: Taiwan Mobile

Connecting User: Able connect up to 5 Users and stability.Operating recommend no more than 2 may be connected.

Battery: 2300mAh Continuous use approximately 3-4 Hrs.

Usage: 10GB Throughout the trip

Terms & Conditions

•  This exclusive privilege is for passengers who purchase THAI Bangkok - Taipei round trip tickets, at website only.
• Valid for passengers who travel more than 2 people/ booking. Reserve 1 Pocket Wifi/ 1 booking. Reserve 1 right to 1 booking eligible only for those who travel since 2 people per 1 Booking
• Registration for get free pocket Wi-Fi must be completed during 16 -30 November 2016 (“Booking Period”) and pocket Wi-Fi usage must be utilized during 16 November 2016 – 31 January 2017 (“Usage Period”). Booking must be made at least 4 days prior to the departure date.
• The reservation number is required to receive the privilege.
• THAI reserves rental Pocket Wi-Fi Fee only 3 Days., If In case of rental period over 3 days, the tenant must pay the rent difference to the Samurai Pocket Wi-Fi Directly.
• Samurai Pocket Wi-Fi is not a product of THAI. THAI is not liable for any rental conditions. Please contact Samurai Wi-Fi directly for any inquiries. Rental conditions should be observed before payment is made.
• THAI reserves the rights to cancel or change conditions of this exclusive privilege without prior notice.