Flights Arrangement on 23AUG17 due to the impact of Tropical Cyclone Hato

Under the attack of Tropical Cyclone Hato, flights will be rescheduled as follow:

A) Flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong

    TG600 - Bangkok Departure Time : 13:30 // Hong Kong Arrival Time:    17:15


    TG638 - Bangkok Departure Time: 21:15 // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 01:00 (24AUG17)

    TG606 - Bangkok Departure Time: 22:15 // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 02:00 (24AUG17)

    TG602 - Bangkok Departure Time: 03:00(24AUG17) // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 06:45 (24AUG17)

B) Flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok

     TG603 - on schedule

     TG601 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 18:45 // Bangkok Arrival Time: 20:30


     TG639 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 02:00 (24AUG17) // Bangkok Arrival Time: 03:40 (24AUG17)

     TG607 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 03:00 (24AUG17) // Bangkok Arrival Time: 04:40 (24AUG17)

C) Flight from Phuket to Hong Kong

     TG608 - Phuket Departure Time: 04:40 (24AUG17) // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 09:20 (24AUG17)

D) Flight from Hong Kong to Phuket

     TG609 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 15:00 // Phuket Arrival Time: 17:20

E) Flight from Seoul to Hong Kong


F) Flight from Hong Kong to Seoul


Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information, or passengers may call THAI Contact Center (02) 356-1111 (24 hrs.) for more details.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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