Co-Promotion with Standard Chartered

Terms and conditions of spending campaign

  • 1. Get extra rewards points from spending through between 1-31 July 17. Spending every 10,000 Baht/saleslip, customers will receive extra rewards points. The extra points combined with normal points will be equivalent to ROP miles mentioned above for each type of credit card when converted. Spending that is not eligible in promotion terms and conditions will get only normal points.
  • 2. Spending limit for extra reward points is 300,000 Baht per card number during promotion period.
  • 3. The promotion is reserved for transactions made through the above stated website only.
  • 4. Only domestic tickets within Thailand and international tickets departing from Thailand will be applicable for this promotion.
  • 5. One time SMS registration is required within promotion period by typing the code. Registration is completed when a confirmation SMS is received, please keep the confirmation SMS for future reference.
  • 6. For rewards points that can redeem for ROP miles privilege; the extra reward points combined with normal points will be equivalent to ROP miles mentioned above for each type of credit card when converted. The normal points will be credited on the posting date. The extra points will be credited to the account within 60 days after the end of promotion.
  • 7. Cardholder who will be eligible for extra rewards points and prize shall be a valid card membership and in good standing with no delinquency until the date of receipt of extra rewards points. The bank reserved the rights to recall the extra rewards points if found that the transactions are not aligned with the bank’s terms and conditions.
  • 8. Spending from supplementary credit card will be accumulated in primary credit card spending for calculation under terms and conditions of this promotion.
  • 9. Visa Platinum Liverpool Credit Card that is eligible for The Kops Points can participate in this promotion; however, the highest extra points from one program will only be rewarded.
  • 10. Bonus$aver credit cardholder is not eligible for reward points under this promotion campaign and transactions via Bonus$aver credit card shall not be calculated for reward points.
  • 11. Reward points cannot be transferred to other credit card accounts or exchanged for cash.
  • 12. This promotion is eligible only for SCBT credit cards issued by Standard Chartered Bank (Thai).
  • 13. The bank reserves the rights to change or cancel any conditions in the program without prior notice.
  • 14. In case that this promotion has conflicted or become inconsistence with any laws, regulations or policies of any authorities, the bank may terminate this promotion.
  • 15. In case of any dispute, the Bank's decision shall be absolute and final.
  • 16. Where these terms and conditions are made in both Thai and English languages version and there is any discrepancy and inconsistency, the Thai version shall prevail for the interpretation.