Flights Arrangement on 23AUG17 due to the impact of Tropical Cyclone Hato

Under the attack of Tropical Cyclone Hato, flights will be rescheduled as follow:

A) Flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong

    TG600 - Bangkok Departure Time : 13:30 // Hong Kong Arrival Time:    17:15


    TG638 - Bangkok Departure Time: 21:15 // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 01:00 (24AUG17)

    TG606 - Bangkok Departure Time: 22:15 // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 02:00 (24AUG17)

    TG602 - Bangkok Departure Time: 03:00(24AUG17) // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 06:45 (24AUG17)

B) Flights from Hong Kong to Bangkok

     TG603 - on schedule

     TG601 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 18:45 // Bangkok Arrival Time: 20:30


     TG639 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 02:00 (24AUG17) // Bangkok Arrival Time: 03:40 (24AUG17)

     TG607 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 03:00 (24AUG17) // Bangkok Arrival Time: 04:40 (24AUG17)

C) Flight from Phuket to Hong Kong

     TG608 - Phuket Departure Time: 04:40 (24AUG17) // Hong Kong Arrival Time: 09:20 (24AUG17)

D) Flight from Hong Kong to Phuket

     TG609 - Hong Kong Departure Time: 15:00 // Phuket Arrival Time: 17:20

E) Flight from Seoul to Hong Kong


F) Flight from Hong Kong to Seoul


Please refer to this page for the most up-to-date information, or passengers may call THAI Contact Center (02) 356-1111 (24 hrs.) for more details.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Introducing THAI SIMULATOR EXPERIENCE for everyone

THAI recently launched the “THAI Simulator Experience” in response to customers who were interested in aviation and flying. To experience flying in an aircraft simulator, the THAI simulator Experience program is offering a special promotion to practice flight skills in these simulators: Airbus A380-800, A340-500/600, A330-300, A300-600, Boeing B747-400, B777-200/300, B737-400. All simulator experience will be under the supervision of actual THAI pilots as flight instructors. For information, visit the website, or call at +66(0) 2-545-2738 (Monday-Friday 8.00-17.00), or visit Facebook: Thai Simulator Experience.

Welcome to Thai Airways’ Airbus A380 Flight Experience

The Airbus A380 is a modern-day legend. It is the largest passenger airliner and one of the most technological advanced commercial aircraft ever built. Powered by four Rolls-Royce jet engines, each producing up to 70,000 lbs. of thrust, the A380 propels across continents and oceans to safety deliver over 500 passengers to their destination each flight.

Thai airways’ A380 full flight simulator is used to train our pilots to prepare for actual flight conditions, as well as practice being engaged in emergency situation. Our rigorous simulator training program is well-known internationally for producing top-of-the-line, high caliber pilots that put passenger comfort and safety above all else.

The A380 Simulator is a masterpiece of aviation technology. The interior perfectly imitates all the systems and controls found in an actual A380, while the hydraulic systems allow for a full range of motion that simulates all the sensations of flying an actual aircraft. And for the first time, the A380 Simulator is available for you.

The A380 flight Simulator Experience program aims to once again rekindle the public’s love of aviation, and educate participants on the basics flying a commercial airliner. We have custom-tailored packages to suit all types of customers; whether you are a licensed pilot looking to expand your horizons, an aviation enthusiast, or just looking for an interesting way to spend your leisure time.

Our Flight Simulators

Our Flight Simulators

THAI operates a total of eight level-D full flight simulators including A300-600, B747-400, B737-400, B777-200/300, B777ER, A330-300, A340-600 and A380-800. In addition, Maintenance Flight Training Devices (MFTD) A330 and A340 are also available for more basic aspects of instruction.

The Facility

The Facility

The center is located on Thai Airways International Plc. Head Office premises. Approximately 30 kms away from Suvarnabhumi Airport, we are within 10 minutes from Mo Chit BTS skytrain station and Lat Phrao MRT subway station. To facilitate your training, the center provides pilot lounge, briefing rooms, debriefing area as well as free Wi-Fi access.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Sale Department - Dry Lease

TFT - Thai Flight Training - Wet Lease

Simulator Techical Query

Flight Simulator Technical Specification

Please select STD:


  • Aircraft Type Boeing B737-400 (HS-TDB)
  • Qualification FAA Advisory Circular AC120-40B-1991, Level D
  • Aerodynamic Revision D6-38231 REV A
  • Engine Revision GE CFM56-3C / D6-37461 REV J
  • Flight Control Revision D6-38231 REV A
  • Flight Management FMS BY SMITHS (LEAR-SIEGLER) Update 7.5
  • Manufacture Rediffusion Simulator LTD
  • Serial Number 24831
  • Date of Manufacture SEP 1992
  • RFT Date 14 Mar 1994
  • Host Computer MOTOROLA 88100
  • Visual System SPX 550HT WIDE150
  • Montion System Digital 6 D.O.F
  • Sound System Digital Sound System
Download PDF files
Cabin Crew Training

Cabin Crew Training

THAI offers different types of cabin crew training at our Laksi office, 425 Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10210. It is approximately 15 kms from Head Office and just 2.5 km from Donmueang International Airport. All training sessions are conducted and supervised by highly experienced instructors and well-trained engineers.


Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer features to simulate in-flight situation such as turbulence, decompression, smoke, passenger evacuation, etc.

Wet Drill

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer features to simulate in-flight situation such as turbulence, decompression, smoke, passenger evacuation, etc.


Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer features to simulate in-flight situation such as turbulence, decompression, smoke, passenger evacuation, etc.

Door Trainers

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer features to simulate in-flight situation such as turbulence, decompression, smoke, passenger evacuation, etc.

Contact Us

Flight Simulator Sale Department

Simulator Dry Lease:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +66 2 545 4092

Thai Flight Training (TFT)

Provides pilot training and cabin crew training services:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +66 2 545 4603, +66 2 545 3080-3
  • Fax: +66 2 545 4602

Flight Simulator Technical Query

Flight Simulator Engineering Department:

  • Email:
  • Telephone: +66 2 545 3620


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