Animales en bodega (AVIH)

Pets as Checked Baggage (AVIH) 


This service will allow passengers to check-in and collect their pet at the passenger terminals of their flight’s departure and arrival airports. The pet will be loaded in an aircraft hold just beneath the passenger cabin where it will be safe and in a temperature controlled environment. Flight to/from USA the maximum weight/dimension of pet including the container is 32kgs and dimensions 54 inches length, 27 inches height, 33 inches wide. Charges: Please contact local offices


Embargo Of Snub-nosed And Other Dog Breeds


Because of their anatomical abnormalities, snub-nosed and other dog breeds are more vulnerable to changes in air quality and temperature.

Snub-nosed and other dog breeds, so-called Brach cephalic breeds, are suffered respiratory problems under normal circumstances, not just during air travel as their respiratory conditions worsen when flying at high altitudes in cargo holds.

They are more likely to die on airplanes or at sorting area where temperatures can be very hot or too cold.


For the safety of this special kind of pet, effective from 01 October 2016 onwards TG will ban the following 25 dog breeds from acceptance as either checked baggage cargo (For cargo acceptance, please contact directly to Cargo Department

1. American Bulldog / Bully

2. American Staffordshire Terrier

3. American Pit Bull Terrier

4. Boston Terrier

5. Boxer

6. Brussels Griffon

7. Bulldog

8. Chinese Pug

9. Chow Chow

10. Dutch Pug

11. English Bulldog

12. English Toy Spaniel

13. French Bulldog

14. Lhasa Apso

15. Japanese Boxer

16. Japanese Pug

17. Japanese Spaniel (Chin)

18. Mastiff (All Breeds)

19. Pekinese

20. Pit Bull

21. Pug

22. Shar Pei

23. Shih Tzu

24. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

25. Tibetan Spaniel


Viajar con perro guía/ de asistencia

Viajar con perro guía/ de asistencia


En algunos destinos, Thai permite que viajen en cabina perros guía para las personas invidentes y perros de asistencia para las personas sordas. El pasajero se deberá asegurar de que cumple todas las normas y lleva la documentación necesaria sobre cuarentena para la entrada y tránsito del animal. Este servicio es gratuito. Por favor contacte con sus oficinas locales de THAI con un mínimo de 48 horas de antelación a la salida del vuelo para tramitarlo. El perro no ocupará un asiento sino que irá a su lado, y no podrán viajar en asientos correspondientes a salidas de emergencia. El perro deberá llevar arnés  durante el vuelo. En el caso de los vuelos desde/a EEUU, si un pasajero con discapacidad desea llevar su perro guía, de asistencia o de apoyo emocional

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