Suite aux récentes informations relatives aux batteries des smartphones Galaxy Note 7 et sur les recommandations des autorités de l’aviation civile américaine (FAA), nous vous demandons de  : 

- ne pas placer ce téléphone dans votre bagage enregistré en soute  

- ne pas utiliser ce téléphone à bord, et de le garder éteint. 

- ne pas le mettre en charge. Il ne doit être branché à aucune source d’énergie (batterie d’appoint ou toute autre source).

Merci de votre compréhension


News & Announcements

Royal Orchid Plus Awards Remain at Current Levels


Royal Orchid Plus announces that there will be no changes to all current Award charts.

The Royal Orchid Plus new award charts  which were previously announced to take effect on  01 September 2014, and the New Tier Bonus Miles for Platinum and Gold members scheduled to begin on 01 August 2014, both will not commence for the time being.

Changes to the Royal Orchid Plus Award levels in the future will be announced to members with advance notice to use their miles with confidence and convenience.

At Royal Orchid Plus we will continue to develop a dynamic and changing program that will both reward and engage you.

*For Award travel redeemed and ticketed between 17 June and
31 August 2014  in anticipation of the new Award structure, award tickets remain valid for one year from the date of issue. Should a member who redeemed and ticketed during this period wish to change flight dates, fees for this service are waived during the validity of the Award ticket.

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