Platinum Status

While elite level Royal Orchid Plus Platinum status is by invitation, thresholds have been established whereby current Platinum members are evaluated to maintain elite level status, and all members are evaluated to qualify for Platinum status.

Attaining Platinum Status:
Only miles flown on THAI in Royal First Class or Royal Silk Class count towards attaining Platinum status. 80,000 miles are required, including class of service bonus miles, 50% bonus miles in Royal First Class and 25% bonus miles in Royal Silk Class, within 2 consecutive periods of 12 rolling months. This is a system automated process whereby on the most recent activity all eligible flight are evaluated for the past 12 and 24 month period. With each new flight activity, status is again evaluated during the past 12 and 24 months, ensuring that all eligible flights are counted for attaining Platinum status.

Retaining Platinum Status:
Evaluations for retaining Platinum status are on a personal calendar year based on the validity of your Platinum status .On the date which current Platinum validity commences, eligible flights are evaluated for the following 12 month period to ascertain if the 80,000 miles threshold is achieved. The same process is done for the 2nd  consecutive 12 month period, until the end of current card validity, in which 80,000 miles must once again be achieved.

* For more infornation about Royal Orchid Plus programme, Please contact THAI contact Centre
Tel : 66(0) 2356 1111