Star Alliance Airline Booking Class Codes Chart

Booking Classes listed below earn less than 100% of actual miles flown in Economy Class, less than 125% in Business Class, or are not eligible for mileage accrual.

If your ticketed booking class is not included in this chart, for example Y,B,M in Economy Class, then you will earn full mileage according to the class of service flown.

Royal Orchid Plus miles are earned according to paid booking class codes of the operating Star Alliance airline. Award travel, generally in O,I,X booking classes, is not eligible for mileage accrual. 

When purchasing a marketing ticket, these tickets display the carrier code followed by a 4 digit codeshare flight number, and can be purchased from the marketing carrier, travel website or a travel agent.

An eligible booking class for mileage accrual on a codeshare ticket issued by the marketing airline may NOT be eligible for accrual by Royal Orchid Plus members if the flight is operated by another Star Alliance carrier, particularly on discounted Economy Class fares.

The chart below displays these exceptions for codeshare flights between THAI and Star Alliance airlines.

If miles are important to you when flying on codeshare flights among Star Alliance airlines, it is advisable to purchase the ticket from the operating airline when possible, or purchase a fare that is not discounted.

The booking classes on the chart below are an indication of discounted fares among Star Alliance airlines.

Please note that mileage accrual and booking class eligibility with THAI and/or Star Alliance airlines are determined by each carrier and are subject to change without prior notice.


Booking Class

Accrual Percentage

Adria Airways (JP)

S/ W/ G/ K/ L/ T/ A/ O/ U/ P


Z (Discounted Business Class)


Air Canada (AC)

C/ D/ Z/ P (Discounted Business Class)


W/ G (Within Canada) 50%
S/ T/ L/ A/ K (Within Canada) 0%
W/ G/ S/ T/ L/ A/ K (All other flights) 50%
F (Route within Canada) 0%
F (Route all other flights) 20%
Air China (CA) G/ L/ Q/ S/ U/ V


E/ T/ R 0%
Air India (AI) L/ U/ T/ S/ E 0%
Air New Zealand (NZ)

F/ G/ K/ L/ P/ S/ T/ W (Within New Zealand)


F/ G/ K/ L/ P/ S/ T/ V/ W (Between New Zealand and: Australia, Pacific Islands) 0%
F/ G/ K/ L/ P/ S (International) 0%
All Nippon Airways (NH) P/ U/ H/ Q


V/ W/ S/ T 50%
L/ K/ G 30%
Aegean Airlines (A3) All paid fares currently earn full mileage.  

Asiana Airlines (OZ)

U (Discounted Business Class)


V/ W 50%
G/ L/ N/ R/ T 0%

Austrian Airlines Group (OS)

P (Discounted Business Class)


Q/ V/ W/ S 50%
T/ E/ L/ K 25%

(TA, AV, LR, TO, 2K)

I/ X/ R/ N


Avianca Brazil (06)



I/ R/ N/ U/ X/ G 0%
Brussels Airlines (SN) P (Discounted Business Class)


Q/ V 50%
W/ S/ T/ E/ L/ K 0%

Copa Airlines (CM)

I/ X/ R/ N


Croatia Airlines (OU)

W/ S/ J/ O/ P


N/ T/ E/ L/ G/ R/ I/ X/ U 0%

EgyptAir (MS)

K/ Q


G/ L/ N/ R/ S/ T/ V/ W/ E/ U 0%

Ethiopian Airlines (ET)

I/ X/ N/ R/ U/ P


EVA Air (BR)
H/ S/ Q 50%
R/ I/ E/ V/ W/ N/ X/ G 0%

LOT Polish Airlines (LO)

Z (Discounted Business Class)


M 70%
E/ H/ K/ Q/ T/ V/ G 50%
W/ L/ S 25%
U 0%

Lufthansa (LH)

N (Discounted Premium Economy Class)


Q/ S/ W/ V 50%
I/ K/ L/ O/ P/ R/ T/ X 0%
Q/ S/ V/ W (when purchasing a Lufthansa marketing ticket and the flight is operated by THAI) 0%


G/ K/ L/ O/ P/ T/ U/ W


Shenzhen Airline (ZH) K/ W/ L/ J/ Z/ Q/ G/ S/ V/ U


O/ I/ X/ R/ N/ T/ E/ L (domestic) 0%

Singapore Airlines (SQ)

G/ N/ Q/ V/ K


SA Express (SA)

V/ L/ G


T (regional flight only) 50%

South African Airways (SA)

G/ L/ T/ V/ W



P (discounted Business Class)


Q/ V/ W/ S 50%
T/ E/ L * 0%
K (*T/E/L effective for flights flown 01 August 2015 onwards)  

TAP Portugal (TP)

G/ K/ L/ S/ U/ W/ A/ V/ P


E/ T/ O 0%
Q (when purchasing a TG marketing ticket and the flight is operated by TP between Lisbon and : Madrid, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Zurich) 0%
Between : Lisbon-Porto, Lisbon-Faro, Funchal-Porto Santo 0%

Turkish Airlines (TK)

J (Discounted Business Class)


E/ L/ Q/ S/ T 50%
V 25%
N/ P/ G/ W 0%

United Airlines (UA)

Z/ P (Discounted Business Class ) 100%
Q/ V/ W 75%

S/ T/ L/ K/ G/ N