Please be announced that the Online Payment will be unserviceable during Tuesday 20th Mar, 2018 00:30 – 00:45 UTC. Payment can be made at THAI Ticket offices. The Reservation can be done as normal.

Sorry for any inconvenience causes.


Enjoy the convenience and ease of internet check-in for THAI operated flights. Check-in can be made from 24-1 hour prior to scheduled flight departure at all THAI check-in online stations.

The Surname is the passenger family name as written in the booking confirmation e-mail or printed on the paper ticket.
The record locator is a six letters and figures code you can find in the booking confirmation e-mail or printed on the paper ticket. Example: 3OTCHJ.
The Electronic Ticket number is a thirteen figures code you can find in the booking confirmation e-mail or printed on the paper ticket. Example: 6077025311697.
The Frequent Flyer Number is an alphanumeric code that you can find on your Frequent Flyer Card.


• iCheck-in cannot be used with upgraded travel using Royal Orchid Plus miles.
• THAI reserves the right to deny boarding if passenger’s travel document are not complete.
• iCheck-in is not available for THAI SMILE flights (WE) including the TG flights operating by THAI SMILE.

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Please enter the reservation code and the name standing on the booking to view and/or manage the booking details such as select/change seat, special meal, specify Royal Orchid Plus number, contact information.









I servizi extra (prenotazione alberghi, noleggio automobili, airport transfer, etc.) diversi dal trasporto aereo, sono prenotabili sul sito di e vengono forniti dai nostri partners (Hertz, HolidayTaxis, etc). Tali servizi sono soggetti ai termini e alle condizioni dei nostri partners. THAI non assume, quindi, alcun obbligo e/o responsabilità in relazione alla prenotazione e alla fornitura dei predetti servizi da parte dei suddetti partners, soggetti a tutti gli effetti di legge terzi rispetto a THAI.


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  • Mixed Classes


THAI introduce 'LIVE TV Onboard'

THAI introduce 'LIVE TV Onboard' su alcuni aeromobili per consentire la visione di programmi televisivi.

Airbus A350-900 - The Extra Sensation!

Il nuovo aeromobile Airbus A350-900 volerà su Roma dal 16 Novembre e su Milano dal 17 Novembre 2016!

Scopri 'The Best of Bangkok'!

'The Best of Bangkok': scopri perchè la città degli angeli è una delle metropoli più amate e visitate al mondo.

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