Carry-on Baggage

In addition to the checked baggage allowance, each passenger is allowed to hand carry one baggage at maximum length 56 cm (22 inches), width 45 cm (18 inches), thickness 25 cm (10 inches). These dimensions include wheels, handles, and side pockets. Total weight of the carry-on baggage must not exceed seven kg (15 lb).Passengers are required to place the baggage in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of them.

Passengers can bring the following items free of charge:

  • Handbag/wallet/purse with the maximum length 37.5 cm (15 inches), width 25 cm (10 inches), depth 12.5 cm (5 inches), or the total of three dimensions do not exceed 75 cm (30 inches) with the total weight not exceeding 1.5kgs(3.3lb). Notebooks, or portable personal computers are also applied with this condition.
  • Walking sticks (crutches) used by elderly passengers, sick passengers, and handicapped passengers
  • Camera or small binoculars
  • Infant food

Note: Spot check may be performed against the test unit and/or weighing machine at the check-in counter and/or at the boarding gate to ensure compliance to these regulations.

Aftermarket Travel Gadgets

Other than equipment installed or supplied on the aircraft by THAI, passengers own equipment/devices/travel gadgets such as personal air purifier/ionizers, seat-recline preventer, knee defender, inflight beds e.g. Bed Box ,Jet Kids, Fly Baby, leg-rests, hammocks, infant canopies or similar devices are not allowed to use onboard due to :

  • It may cause unsafe condition to the occupant and/or other passengers in the event of emergency.
  • It may damage, obstruct or cause malfunction to aircraft system and/or aircraft equipment.
  • It may cause disturbance to the adjacent passengers.
  • Measure restricted :  liquid, aerosol and gel

    All liquids, aerosols, and gels in carry on baggage must be carried in containers with a   capacity not  greater than 100ml.
     -  Liquids carried in containers larger than 100ml. are not accepted, even if the container is only partially filled.
     -  Containers must be placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litter.
     -  The plastic bag must be presented for visual examination at the screening point.
     -  Only one transparent re-sealable plastic bag per passenger may be permitted.
     -  Exemptions may be made for medications, baby milk/foods and passengers with special dietary requirements.
     -  The plastic bag must be presented separately from other cabin baggage at screening checkpoint.
     -  Items purchased either at airport duty free shops or on board aircraft must be packed in a sealed plastic bag, and not have been opened. Passengers may be required to display a satisfactory proof of purchase.


    Your cabin baggage

    Lifting an overweight/oversized carry-on baggage to stow in an overhead locker, passengers may suffer muscle aches/pain.During turbulence,oversized/overweight baggage may fall on you or other passengers and cause injury.In case of emergency,it may also block the emergency exit routes and pose danger.For the sake of safety,every passenger is allowed one hand-carry baggage not over 7 kg or 45 linear inches (around 115 cm)to be taken on board, and properly stowed in a closed overhead bin.

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