ROH Thailand

ROH Thailand

Prepared by Harold Stephens
Travel Correspondent for Thai Airways International

Royal Orchid Holidays has just published four of its latest travel booklets: DISCOVER THAILAND 2011-2012, DISCOVER THE WORLD 2011-2012, DISCOVER FAMILY GETAWAYS 2011-2012 and DISCOVER GOLF IN THAILAND AND CHINA 2011-2012. Believe me, everything you want to know about travel with everything from what to see to where to stay, these booklets have it. This week I will tell readers about the first one, DISCOVER THAILAND 2011-2012.

But first let me tell readers something about the reason for these Royal Orchid Holidays booklets. The intent of ROH is to assist passengers with “vacation ideas” and at the same time provide a list of accommodations plus a general comprehensive handbook on travel in Thailand and the world. These publications are now available at THAI ticketing offices around the world.  If you are planning to visit Thailand, or anyplace in the world where THAI flies—there are 72 destinations—these booklets can be a great help.  I might add that these booklets are beautifully done and if prizes were to be given they would certainly receive top awards. At least, they are equal to the best of guidebooks on the market today. And they are free.

Visitors who want to come to Thailand, for example, are always faced with the question: Where in Thailand? Thailand is a big place. Do you want to see the big cities with art galleries, museums and historical sites? Or do you want to spend a couple of days at a beach resort? Maybe go scuba diving? Or what about a visit to hill tribe villages? Maybe relax at a spa? There’s so much to see and do that you can’t make up your mind. You can turn to any one of these handbooks for helpful information.

Royal Orchid Holidays’ DISCOVER THAILAND 2011-2012 is the perfect book for planning your next vacation to Thailand. It’s a 110-page gem that comes free of charge and all you have to do is contact your nearest Thai Airways office and ask for a copy. It’s so new and up-to-date that the ink is hardly dry.

The book is divided into four districts in Thailand: (1) Bangkok and Central Thailand, (2) The Gulf of Thailand, (3) North & North Eastern Thailand and (4) Southern Thailand. Also included are Around Thailand Tours, Spas in Thailand, Romantic Getaways, Medical Check-Ups in Thailand, Fly-Drive Thailand, and Hotels in Thailand. 

A very useful section for those who are planning a trip is “Travel Tips for Thailand.” You can read everything from the “Thai people” to customs and health. You can learn what to do at the airport upon arrival and how to get around in Bangkok. There are hints on shopping, car-hire and everything you might want to know from electric voltage to business hours. There is even a complete weather chart for the various districts around the country.

Many travellers don’t favour guided tours because there is no flexibility. With Discover Thailand 2011-2012 you can create your own personal tour. Yes, create your own tour. You can’t do much better than that. Whatever you decide, Royal Orchid Holidays provides you with the details. Aside from the scheduled tours, ROH has long lists of Optional Tours. These include things like Romantic Getaways, Super Health Check-up, Heart Care Programmes and even a Comprehensive Health Examination for Women and Men. Health care check-ups in Thailand have become very popular in recent years and the section on Super Health Check-up will answer all the questions you may have.

One would hardly expect an airline to promote other methods of travel rather than by air but Royal Orchid Holidays does. ROH keeps no secrets if there is a service that will enhance their travel programmes. Thus don’t be surprised if you find in Discover Thailand 2011-2012 rail and boat trips that you can take and a unique fly-drive plan. And, of course, what would a trip to Thailand be without an elephant excursion into the jungles or a four-wheel drive safari into the rain forest? You can even sign up to take a weekend voyage aboard a junk.

ROH travellers may be interested in the “Royal Initiative Discovery” that had been added to the literature last year. Discover the splendour of Thailand’s Royal Projects with Royal Orchid Holidays. You are invited to learn about the Royal Initiative Projects of his Majesty the King with these unique travel packages in Thailand. Come and see the things you would not normally see by selecting one or more of these specially created packages. They include “Sweetness of Doi Ang Khang,” “Golden Triangle Minibreak” and “Chiang Rai Adventure.”

Finally there is the section Hotels in Thailand. It lists the recommended hotels in those cities that THAI flies to, and that includes photographs of the hotels. Just to take a peek at this section one might find it hard to believe there are so many first class hotels and spa retreats in the Kingdom. But there are and the choice is yours to match any taste or any pocketbook.

This is but one of four publications released by Royal Orchid Holidays. Stop at any THAI office and you might see other booklets and pamphlets that will assist you in planning your trip. One example is Golf in Thailand. It tells you not to worry if your spouse isn’t a golfer. There are suggestions what to do when the other partner is on the greens.

Next week I will give full attention to DISCOVER THE WORLD 2011-2012. Once you open its cover you will be hooked. The world, here you come!


Dear Mr. Stephens. I have heard many stories, both bad and good, about Bangkok’s international airport.  I no longer know what to believe. Can you enlighten me? Thank you in advance. Hammond Guise, SF, CA, USA

Dear Hammond. Since the occupation of the airport in December 2008 by the Yellow Shirts, which managed to paralyze all air movements for 10 days, the Airports Authority of Thailand (AOT), has worked hard to change the image of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. There have already been achievements with notable improvements in service for passengers: signs in both Thai and English have been re-designed, waiting times at security lanes shortened, additional toilets installed, and brand new luggage trolleys introduced, to note but a few. More changes are coming including a sky train link with the airport to the city. Bangkok International Airport aims to become one of the world's top 10 best airports. I hope this helps answer your question. ––HS

Harold Stephens
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Note: The article is the personal view of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the view of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited.