An Exciting New Destination

An Exciting New Destination

by Harold Stephens
Correspondent for Thai Airways International

Belgium is the capital of Belgium; The Old World city has been around since 979 when Charles of Lorraine founded it as a fortress. Since then Brussels has had her time of troubles, having suffered heavily during World War II from German shelling. Today she is one of the most beautiful cities on the European continent.

Now the good news is that Thai Airways International will be flying there, as THAI is launching direct flights to Brussels.
Mr. Pandit Chanapai , Executive Vice President, Commercial Department of Thai Airways chaired a press conference that officially launches THAI’s newest and 72nd destination – Brussels, Belgium with direct flights to and from Bangkok beginning 17 November 2011.
Mr. Chanapai said, “Brussels was chosen as THAI’s new destination to facilitate the growing number of passengers travelling between Thailand and Europe and for travelers’ convenience through the direct route.   As well, it is in line with THAI’s strategy for expanding and serving other European cities, through a feeder city such as Brussels.

Today approximately 12-15% of passengers from Belgium and neighboring countries, especially those destine for Australia, make their connections in Frankfurt.   THAI expects these passengers will appreciate the convenience of the route to and from Brussels to Southeast Asia and Australia.”
Flight TG934 from Bangkok will depart three times per week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 00.30 hours, arriving in Brussels at 07.00 hours the same morning.   Flight TG935 from Brussels will depart the same days at 13.30 hours, arriving in Bangkok at 06.20 hours the following day.
With flight reservations starting since 1 July 2011, the seating capacity on the Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft has reached 80% full for the first flight to Brussels on 17 November 2011.   THAI’s Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft is configured for 30 seats in Royal Silk Class and 262 seats in Economy Class, with all 292 seats equipped with personal screen and the latest in-flight entertainment system.
THAI is the first carrier in Southeast Asia to operate direct flights between Thailand and Belgium, adding convenience for passengers travelling from Belgium’s capital, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France.   These passengers may also take advantage of direct flights into Bangkok, then traveling beyond to Thai domestic destinations and other parts of Southeast Asia and Australia.
THAI is offering special promotional fares under the campaign “I Fly THAI to Brussels” for these roundtrip Economy Class travel:

Passengers may purchase the special promotional fare tickets from now until 29 February 2012 and may start their travel from 17 November 2011 – 29 February 2012.   These promotional special fare tickets are valid for 21 days from the departure date printed on the ticket.   Passengers may not make changes to their ticket after it has been issued, under any circumstances.

Indeed, Brussels has grown from a 10th-century fortress town into a metropolis of more than one million inhabitants. The metropolitan area has a population of over 1.8 million, making it the largest in Belgium.

Aside from being the capital of Belgium Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union (EU),

Although historically Dutch-speaking, Brussels became increasingly French-speaking over the 19th and 20th centuries. Today a majority of inhabitants are native French-speakers, and both languages have official status.

During the 20th century the city has hosted various fairs and conferences, including the fifth Solvay Conference in 1927 and two world fairs: the Brussels International Exposition of 1935 and the Expo '58. Brussels suffered damage from World War II. After the war, Brussels was modernized.

Next week I will reveal some of the tourist attractions of Brussels.

Harold Stephens
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