Special Meal Service

Special Meal Services

The quality of meals served on THAI flights is one of the most delicious benefits offered to our passengers, in all classes. However, many travellers have special requirements to allow for their religious, health, or dietary restraints. To cater for these particular needs, THAI offers a full range of special menus, which should be ordered, in advance, at the same time THAI flight reservations are made and tickets are purchased at the original destination.

Vegetarian Hindu/Indian Vegetarian meal (AVML)  
Non-Strict Indian/Hindu vegetarian meal which meat/ fish/ fowl and their products/ product with lard or gelatines and eggs are all prohibited.


Infant/Baby food (BBML)
This type of meal is suggested to request for infant who is between the age of 6 to 10months old. 


Bland/Soft meal (BLML) 
Bland/Soft meal or light or low fibre diet. Recommended for stomach/Intestinal problems.  


Child meal (CHML) 
Child meal for children aged 2 years and older.  When children travel, recommended to request child meal due to regular meals served in flight may be too spicy for them. 


Diabetic meal (DBML) 
Diabetic meal suitable for both non-insulin and insulin dependent diabetics.   


Fruit plattter meal (FPML) 
Fruit platter meal prepared with fresh fruits or dried fruits. 


Gluten-Free meal (GFML) 
Gluten free diet avoids gluten which is found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. 


Hindu meal (HNML) 
Hindu meal contains no beef, veal or pork. Prepared with lamb, fish and other meats. Milk products allow. 


Kosher meal (KSML)
Kosher meal conforms to the requirements of Jewish dietary laws. 


Low calorie meal (LCML)
Low calorie diet meal .  Low energy.  High nutritional value. High dietary fibre.


Low fat/cholesterol meal (LFML) 
Low fat diet or low cholesterol meal.   


Low sodium meal (LSML)
Low sodium, no salt added meal.  No salt is used in food preparation and minimum sodium content. 


Moslem meal (MOML) 
Moslem meal contains no pork, bacon, ham or alcohol. Cooked according to Halal rules.
*THAI serves meals prepared according to Halal rules as regular meal on flight to Pakistan. MOML is not required to request for Pakistan routes.


Non-Lactose meal (NLML) 
Omission of all foods containing milk, lactose, milk solids, whey, curd, skin milk. 


Seafood meal (SFML) 
Fish and/or seafood prepared according to local specifications.  


Raw vegetarian meal (RVML) 
Raw vegetarian is mixture of fresh vegetable and fruits. 


Strict European vegetarian meal (VGML) 
Strict European vegetarian. No animal products of any type. 


Vegetarian Jain meal (VJML) 
Vegetarian Jain meal/strict Indian vegetarian. Based on Jain customs.
Western vegetarian meal (VLML) 
Non strict vegetarian prepared with dairy products (eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts).
Vegetarian oriental meal (VOML)
Vegetarian oriental meal prepared in Chinese style.