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Hong Kong, A Food Heaven

  • Hong Kong is shopping paradise and yet the ultimate food heaven for food lovers like me.  Everyone knows that Cantonese offers the most exquisite taste among all of Chinese cuisine.  Hong Kong is then one of the destinations for Thai travellers.
  • This time, I take an opportunity to fly Thai Airway on a luxurious and confortable business class of A380.  The thing I like the most about it is the mobile USB slot which allows me the charge my mobile phone all the way through the destination.
  • Everyone can explore Hong Kong themselves with the convenient subway system.  In general, tourists can do lots of activities include shopping, tasting foods, enjoying spectacular night view and visiting temples.
    Among the most popular temples for Thai tourists are Kwun Yam Shrine at Repulse Bay, and Wong Tai Sin Temple which is famed for making your wish come true.  Besides that, located on Lautau Island near the airport is Polin Monastery housing the Giant Buddha statue.  The fun part of the trip to this temple is the ride on Ngong Ping 360 cable car. 

  • Personally, I love to go to Che Kung Temple in the Tai Wai area of Sha Tin to worship the giant statue of Che Kung, former military commander of the Southern Song dynasty and spin the wheel of fortune to bring in good things to your life.  I noticed some Thai tourist was worshipping with a giant incense stick that is even bigger than their height.  This really shows how faithful they are.
    But a more appealing thing for me to visit Hong Kong every year is the native foods.  Hong Kong offers a variety of delicious menus that never run out.  I have picked some top hit ones that I just recently visited.

  • I will start with a well-known restaurant among Hong Kong people Tai Wai MRT Station not far from Che Kung Temple, Sui Wah.  This restaurant is not beautifully decorated and even looks very humble but it serves a famous native dish, Roast Pigeon, which is also my father (M.R. Thanadsri)’s favorite.  Served with shrimp crackers, it comes in a whole bird with crispy skin and succulent meat inside cooked with herbs and soy sauce.  You can simply use your hands and eat it alone or dip it in salt and pepper.

  • This restaurant also serves my favorite winter menu which is available until after Chinese New Year.  Lap Mei Fun is steamed rice cooked in a claypot, topped with preserved meats or waxed meat including pork sausage (Lap Cheong), liver sausage (Yun Cheong) and waxed pork belly (Lap Yoke).
    Some other recommended dishes are Tow Miew with Oyster Sauce also available in winter, Pan Fried Shrimps with Soya Sauce and Mui Shoi Tofu.

  • Hong Kong is also famous for its hotpot or “Suki” for Thais.  The one I am impressed is Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine which I never miss a chance to come when I am in Hong Kong.
    Budaoweng is a hotpot restaurant chain that is famed enough to have people line up for an hour to get in.  One of the branches is located on 23th floor of iSquare on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui where you can see picturesque view of Victoria Bay.  Be careful not to let yourself get too hungry before you go there as you may have to wait in the line.
  • Here they use only fine ingredients so the price may be somewhat high but it is the taste you will come back dreaming of.  You can order 2 kinds of soup in 1 pot.  I had clear soup Chinese Consommé Soup (clear soup) and Satay Soup with peanut.  There are still other kinds of soup such as Pork’s Brisket with Pepper Soup.

  • At Budaoweng, I would like to recommend Geoduck coming in thin slices, marbled beef that is so tender and fatty, giant shrimp dumplings, pork livers, tofu bean curd rolls.  Do not miss pork neck this is as tender as marbled beef, briny oyster, ostrich meat for those who do not like fatty meat, all kinds of balls such as shrimp balls, squid balls, and pork balls and udon noodle that you do not want to stop eating.  For the dip, there are a variety of ingredients that you can choose as you wish.

  • If you want to try fresh seafood meal, I believe nobody do not know Lei Yue Mun, the famous fisherman’s wharf, located on the East of Victoria Bay, Kowloon.  This place is seafood bazaar where you can find several seafood restaurants and seafood stalls.  The definition of “fresh” for Hong Kong people is that it is still swimming.

    The restaurant that I keep coming is Sea King Garden Restaurant.  The open space in the central of the restaurant makes it look better than others in this area.  Again, we ordered Geoduck sashimi.  You can eat it with shoyu and wasabi or quickly boil in hot soup.  Besides that, try baked lobster with soup, salt and pepper rock shrimp, and streamed fish with soya sauce.

    Hong Kong also has small restaurants for those who want a quick meal in everywhere.  If you go to Hong Kong, you cannot miss congee and
    noodle.  The renowned one for Thais is Nathan Congee & Noodle.  Even though there is no English on the restaurant sign, everyone knows where it is.   Opposite to The Novotel Hotel (or the full name “Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road Kowloon”) on Saigon Street, the restaurant is famous for abalone congee which costs around 500-600 Baht.  I prefer to have it with a preserved egg and boiled pork livers which can make you forget about Thai pork livers.

  • Another restaurant near Nathan Road shopping area, Chiu Fat is stickered by me and my father to guarantee for its delectable taste.  It moved to Lock Road which is 1 block away from Nathan Road.  No worry for Thais to order food here as they provide Thai menu.

    My favorite dish is congee with pork liver, pork kidney, pork intestine and meatball called Cup Dai Jook or Gap Dai Juk.  Eat with deep-fried doughstick and boiled kale with oyster sauce (Kai Lan).  Another dish is braised beef brisket with dry flat rice noodle or Ngau Lam Gon Hor in Cantonese.  Congee and noodle shops like these open all day and night.


  • End the trip with Hong Kong-style dessert that can be found everywhere like Mango Pudding which is a refreshing and enjoyable treat
  • Try Sweet Dynasty which serves congee, noodle dim sum and dessert.  The restaurant moved from Canton Road to Hankow Road.  Take an escalator to basement floor, you will find the restaurant and think you are in Thailand as a lot of Thais like to go there.

  • Hong Kong is the destination you can find all kinds of dining experience ranging from cheap ones to lavish ones.  It is so close.  Why not visit now?

  • Travel inspired by M.L. Parson Svasti or “Pinto Taolek” Dining Guru 



By  Citibank Dining Guru        


Shui Wah , 51 Tsuen Nam Rd, Tai Wai, tel +852 2606 7117
Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine 23/F, iSquare, 63 Nathon Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel. +852 2152 1166 .Open daily, 11 a.m.-1 a.m
Sea King Garden Restaurant ,  39 Hoi Pong Rd C, Lei Yue Mun, tel. +852 2348 1408
Nathan Congee & Noodle, 11 Saigon Street, Kawloon, tel. +852 2384 7355
Chiu Fat Porridge Noodle Restaurant 11A Lock Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel. +852 2980 3266
Sweet Dynasty 28 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, tel. +852 2199 7799

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