THAI mit Triple-Titelverteidigung bei den Skytrax World Airline Awards 2018

 Thai Airways gewinnt erneut drei der renommierten Skytrax World Airline Awards | Unter anderem konnte die Auszeichnung als weltweit beste Economy Class abermals gewonnen werden


„Rail & Fly“ ist nur für Neubuchungen möglich. Bereits ausgestellte Flugscheine können nachträglich nicht mit „Rail & Fly“ ergänzt werden.

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General Information


Q: Why Royal Orchid Holidays?

A: We offer you great deals at competitive prices. We could design to help you plan an exotic vacation that lives up your experience. Royal Orchid Holidays offers a vast range of options to provide maximum flexibility of choice allowing you to create your own dream holidays. Through our vacation package, you gain access to private, unpublished rates on flights and hotel that are not available when book separately. You can also earn Royal Orchid Plus miles on your flight.


Q: If I have a problem booking my vacation package online, to whom shall I contact?
A: If you are having a problem booking online, please call your local ROH representative for assistance.

   It’s always a pleasure to be of service.


Q: What if I have a problem while I am on my vacation?

A: Please call ROH representative for assistance, the phone number is shown on your travel documents.


Make a booking

Q: Are the room rates included taxes and service charges?

A: Taxes and service charges are included in all ROH’s rates except some extra charge (if applicable) such as gala dinner, minibar, etc.


Q: How long in advance can I make reservation?

A: Each service may require different conditions of sales. Please check with your local ROH representatives in case that you wish to make a reservation close to the departure date.


Q: Are the rates shown in the website/system per room or per person?
A: The rates shown on the website/system is average nightly rate, per room, for each room category displayed.


Q: Can I ask for extra bed in room?

A: Sure, you can. Please fill in number of guests and number of room once you hit search button. The system will organize the appropriate room type for you.


Q: How can I make a multi-destination booking online?
A: Due to the complexity of reservations that involve visits to more than one destination, these type of booking may not currently be made online. For assistance with multi destinations, please call one of our ROH representatives.


Q: Why has the room rate changed?

A: All the rates are changeable depending on the fluctuation of the exchange rate. However, the definite booking will reserve both room and displayed rates in the website/system.


Q: How many of maximum room can I book?

A: You can reserve up to 4 rooms per booking. If you need more rooms, you may make the additional bookings. Please note that rooms are subject to availability.



Q: Can I make the special request on our reservation?

A: Of course, you can. Anyway, all the requests are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed by ROH. Please kindly recheck with hotel upon your arrival.

Q: How do we know the response of special request?

A: All the special requests are on request basis only and subject to the availability. Please kindly recheck with hotel upon your arrival.


Amend a booking


Q: How can I make changes or updates to my vacation reservation (including room accommodations, add my ROP number to my flight segments, or seat assignment)?

A: You can change hotel, add your ROP number to your flight, change your seat assignment, and so on by calling ROH representative.


Payment, cancellation, and refund

Q: How can we pay for my reservation?

A: In case of online reservation, you are required to fill in our credit card details on payment page and your reservation will be settled immediately. On the other hand, for booking via our ROH’s representative, credit card, cash, and cashier cheque are acceptable.


Q: I am now making the reservation online but I don’t have credit card. What should I do? Do you have any other method of payment online?

A: Booking online can be paid via credit card only. By the way, you may contact our office to make the reservation if you would like to pay by cash, cashier cheque, or our gift voucher.



Q: How to cancel the booking? Are there any fees?

A: Please kindly contact ROH office to cancel your reservation. Please note that the cancellation fees may be applied according to the cancel date. Please recheck the policies while you make the booking or in your reservation.


Q: Do you have any extra charge if I pay by credit card?

A: No, the merchant fees shall not be applied to our customers.