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    Company profile

    Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) is a public company registered in The Securities Exchange of Thailand since 1991 with the Ministry of Finance as a dominant shareholder of 47.86 percent.

    THAI operates the airlines business as a full service carrier, which provides the transportation for passengers, goods, parcels and postal through our domestic and international routes, including a warehousing service, ground handling service, ground equipment services, in-flight catering and aircraft maintenance services. THAI and its alliance has a network of routes covering 30 countries around the world. Throughout the period of more than 60 years in the airline business, THAI aims to focus on safety and quality of service with THAI touches for passenger comfort throughout the journey which have made THAI become one of the best airlines in the world guaranteed by the various awards of recognition.


    As the national airline, we announce our vision to set our goal to the public and use it as the guideline for all units to achieve the same goal “A high quality full service carrier with strong Thai brand connecting Thailand to the world and generating consistently healthy profit margin”. THAI aims to offer world-class services and ensure brand value creation in order to create strong and sustainable growth and to enable the Company to compete successfully in the ever changing business environment. We announce our mission to show our determination and ask all confederates to perform as stated hereunder:


    • For being the first choice carrier for passengers, THAI focuses on customers’ satisfaction by tailored-made products designed for passengers’ choices to deliver the best customer experience with efficient cost management and ticket pricing with unbundling fare that facilitates the purchase of basic tickets at economical prices for customers. Customers can choose to purchase additional services according to their needs (such as seat selection, and luggage)


    • Increase the e-Commerce ability by streamlining the Commerce to optimize the return, in terms of income and profit and increase revenue from other related businesses, including:

    •      ‣ considering appropriate route network plan by focusing on profitable routes
      •      ‣ Investing in digital sales to facilitate customers and delivering a customer experience in purchasing products and services.
        •      ‣ Managing ticketing agents and developing commercial personnel to be able to use the system to provide professional service as world-class standards.

          • Increasing the ability to do cost competitiveness over the other airlines in the region by managing the following:

          •      ‣ Massive layoffs of employees and contractors and reductions in remuneration to the standard which is expected to reduce personnel costs by more than 50 percent.
            •      ‣ Negotiating with the lessors the terms of the aircraft lease conditions and modifying the fleet plans.
              •      ‣ Reducing the cost of outsourcing throughout the process by improving procurement development and carry-out many contract negotiations.
                •      ‣ Rational utilization of office space and utilization of non-essential space to earn revenue from the sale or rent properties.
                  •      ‣ Optimizing all business units of the company including improvements and changes for operational excellence.
                    • Being a highly efficient organization in terms of operations, and safety and being a hub for connecting to the airline network of alliances to various cities in Thailand and around the world.


                    CORE Values

                    1. Agility for Growth: THAI has reorganized its structure as per Rehabilitation Plan. This allows THAI to become more flexible in running business to make it competitive in the region.  
                    2. Integrity for Trust: THAI will govern its business with trustworthiness to ensure stakeholders confidence and credibility.
                    3. Mastery for Professionalism; THAI is proud to have professional personnels and produce airline workers supplying to airlines business.


                    Product delivery procedure

                    Use an aircraft as a main tool to transport passengers and goods by invest to buy our own aircraft and transport passengers through alliances’ aircraft. We have our main maintenance service before delivery to raise confidence in our service and keep the standardservice level along with holistic service for pre-flight, in-flight and after-flight for a continuance, convenient and seemless service. We apply technologies and communication networks to connect all services in every place, so clients and staff can keep up with all information provided.