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Hokkaido… different beauty in different seasons…

Hokkaido, the indigenous land of Ainu, the second largest island and the northern most of Japan, is now one of the most popular tourist attractions for Thai people.

I have just been back from my second trip to Hokkaido this year!! I haven’t done this before… going back to the same place and almost the same route twice in the same year (not including Hong Kong and Singapore where I go, sometimes, several times in a year).

 My first trip was during the winter in February to see the Sapporo Snow Festival. And this trip was during the summer in late of July to see the most famous lavender fields. 


Both trips, I joined groups from ROH (Royal Orchid Holidays) Tour, one of the best travel agents in Thailand.


I confidentially say so since I used to be in the travelling business for 7 years and I do know well about the standard of travel services in Thailand. ROH is one of the best, and please, don’t judge them just by the prices as quality always costs money.

During my first trip, I was very impressed with the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido. It’s full of snow. Even though everywhere I passed through, everything was white, I really loved it. However, my tour guide kept telling me that it would be much different in the summer where all trees would be green and the fields we saw would be full of colorful flowers, lavender, particularly.


So, I went back there again to see if the boast was true and I am very glad that I did believe her. Hokkaido in the winter is beautiful indeed, but in the summer, it is really something different. I love it in both seasons though.


Here I have some pictures that I took. Some of them were taken at almost the same places to show you the different in each season. I do hope that you will love and enjoy them like I do.




The choice is yours! No matter which season you will choose to visit Hokkaido, I’m sure you will love it as I do. But please make sure that you will book it with ROH.  With wonderful scenery, superb food and fantastic hotels, what else that you would need!



Bhavit Vanuptikul

Aug. 28, 2014






Phuket - Pearl of Andaman Sea

Travel Phuket


Renowned as the "Pearl of the Andaman", Phuket is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Thailand. 
We arrived in Phuket just after mid-day, took the rented car and began our much look -forward journey.
Travel Phuket

Phuket Airport

On this self-drive trip, we visited various beaches and notable temples in Phuket.  As we drove away, our first temple, Wat Prathong or Wat Praput, was on the left side of the road. It is so-called because of there is a Buddha statue emerged half-way from the ground. Glittering golden papers are placed by the locals on the statue as can now be seen.
Travel Phuket

Wat Praput

Our next temple is Wat Chalong or Wat Chaitaram, you have not reached Phuket until you see this temple. Highlights are the beautiful temple itself where you can pay respect to the much revered   "Luang Poh Cham", and not to be missed is the ' Prachom Thai Barami' Stupa where the sacred relics of Buddha brought back from Sri Lanka is kept.
Travel Phuket

Wat Chalong

Driving a little bit further, we arrived at the site of the big Buddha statue situated on the mountain.  This is the " Praputha Mingmongkol Aknakiri" , the statue is decorated with white jade marble from Burma and sits on the top of "Nark Kerd " Mountain in Karon.
Travel Phuket

Praputha Mingmongkul Aknakiri

Now to the famous beaches of Phuket, as we drive along the beach road, our first stop is the Karon Beach and if we take a left turn, there you will find the popular Kata Beach and the Kata Noi Beach. There is a scenic viewpoint where you can view all three beaches, this site is popular amongst tourists because if the cool breeze and panoramic view.
Travel Phuket

Panoramic Viewpoint

Not to be missed is watching sunset at the famous cape "Laem Promthep", one of the popular tourist attractions in Phuket.  The Cape Promthep is regarded as one of amazing places in Thailand.  
Travel Phuket Travel Phuket

Cape Promthep

Though there were clouds during our visit that day, but what we saw was just as amazing! Phuket to me means total relaxation, beautiful scenery, good weather, good food, travel convenience and comfortable accommodation. So, just enjoy your trip.
by Kittisak Wanasbordikul

Copenhagen... I love you

Finally, we flew off to Copenhagen which is the capital city of Denmark. Geographically, Denmark is made up of the mainland situated in the northern part of Germany. This this referred to as the Jutland together with over 400 islands, the largest is Zealand where the city of Copenhagen is situated.
We departed for Copenhagen on TG950, with approximate flight time of eleven hours. We arrived in Copenhagen at 7.40 in the morning and spent minimum time at the immigration.
From the airport, we then took a train to Malmo in Sweden. A small strait called Oresund separates the two countries. We can take a train crossing the Oresund Bridge to Malmo in Sweden. It took us around twenty minutes to get to Malmo at the cost of DKK- Krone 172.
Travel Copenhagen

Malmo - a small picturesque town in the south of Sweden

Malmo is a town situated in the southern part of Sweden, it is the third largest city in terms of population. I walked from the station to Stortorget, this is an old town with a small shopping area. Shopping in Sweden can be cheaper than in Denmark due to exchange rates. Malmo is a mixture between the old and the new, it is suitable for taking a stroll, shopping and seeing people.
Travel Copenhagen  Travel Copenhagen

Roskilde Cathedral

The next day we travelled to Roskilde Cathedral which is around 30 kilometers to the west of Copenhagen. The significance of this place is the beauty of the cathedral itself especially the beautifully decorated high ceilings, the cathedral is the burial site of many of Denmark's Kings.  Most importantly, there is a pillar inside the cathedral with markings showing heights of many visiting royalties including that of King Rama V, the present King Rama IX and as well as that of the Princess Maha Chakri Sarindhorn.
Travel Copenhagen  Travel Copenhagen

Fredericksborg Castle

Our next stop is the Fredericksborg Castle built during the Renaissance period by Frederick II. The castle, surrounded by a beautiful lake, is used for many important religious activities by the Royal Family and as well as the place where many royal belongings are kept.
Travel Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid

One of the most important landmark in Copenhagen is the "Little Mermaid", definitely a "must see" for any tourists. This "Little Mermaid" came into existence as a result of the famous fairy tale by writer Hans Christian Andersen.
Travel Copenhagen

Amalienborg Castle

Another significant place of visit is the Amalienborg Winter Palace, this is where tourists come to watch changing of the guards. From here, it's time for sights and sounds of the bustling shopping district of Stroget. This is a 1.1 meter long stretch of street filled with all kinds of shops, from inexpensive to the very expensive.
Travel Copenhagen  Travel Copenhagen


The city itself has much to offer such as the City Hall, the Railway Station and the famous fun park, the "Tivoli".  However, I was rather amazed by a little shop behind the station called "Talad Denjai", they sell all sorts of Thai goods, some of which are quite difficult to find even in Thailand.
Travel Copenhagen  Travel Copenhagen

Carlsberg Beer

Travel Copenhagen


We next visited the famous Carlsberg Beer factory, a showcase factory just for tourists. Here, you will find the history of Carlsberg, production process, equipments, bottling and samples of different types of beer for you to taste. The Nyhavn is another important place for visit, once an entertainment spot of this city. There are shops, restaurants, souvenir shops and much more to thrill your senses.
Travel Copenhagen

DragorStrand, a small town near the airport

Before our departure to the airport, we stopped by at a Thai Forest Monastry to pay our respect to the abbot.  Nearby, we visited a picturesque small seaside town called "DragorStrand" just before leaving for the airport. 
We flew home on TG 951 for Bangkok, arriving home slightly after six in the morning. Our hearts and minds fill with happy memories of this interesting country.
By Kittisak  Wanasbordikul


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