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There are  few cities in the world like London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. This is a place that manages to gather people from different cultures keeps their distinctive identity. You might notice this while getting on to the public transportation, where hearing three different languages at the same time is considered normal. Moreover, every street is full of international shops and restaurants.

London is also the centre of business, education, fashion, art and more. It’s not wonder why people of so many different backgrounds want to settle down in this capital city. The longer one stays, the more fascinating it becomes.



Borough of Hackney

Hackney has undergone a transformation in the past few decades, becoming a trendy area known for fashion, arts, and food. All of these elements may be attributed to its long history of being an ethnically diverse part of London.  London Fields in Hackney provides a large open green space for locals and visitors, and the markets full of clothing, vintage trinkets and exotic ingredients are always worth a visit.









Looking for High Street, Hipster or Haute Couture? London has it all with large shop-till-you-drop malls, artsy avenues and the finest fashion houses.


Leadenhall Market

Historically, Leadenhall Market was the center of the Roman city of Londinium. There are still traces of Roman architecture here if one looks closely. Today it has been restored into a grand and luxurious indoor market, right in one of the busiest centres of the city. The market is popular as a hangout for people after work. On Friday night pubs, bars, and cafes are filled with the bright young working age people of London. So if you want to follow the footsteps of Harry Potter, it’s best to come on a weekend as the market gets busier on weekdays rather than Saturday and Sunday.

This market is located along Grace Church Street, if coming north via Whittington Avenue sinv, enter through the south by Lime Street. Shops in the market are open Monday – Friday from 10:00 – 18:00 hrs. The local market is open 24-hours. For more information please visit












Serves authentic Thai cuisine with seasonal British fish, meat and vegetables. This popup restaurant currently resides at Climpson’s Arch in London Fields. Come here to find Thai favourites from the North and Northeastern (Isaan) regions. The charcoal grill is always hot and the atmosphere buzzing, and with a pedigree of chefs who’ve worked at Nham and Bo.lan in Bangkok, and Pok Pok in New York you wouldn’t expect anything less.




The Quality Chop House , London   

A Dining Room, Wine Bar, Butchers & Shop all rolled into one. The Quality Chop House was a historic 19th-century working man’s ‘eating house’ turned into a great spot for simple modern comfort cuisine. The dining room retains its 1869 decoration.



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