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Thai Airways Information

contact Information

  • Lower Level, Terminal 1, Departures, Dubai International Airport

  • +971-4-504-4594/5

Check-in Counter
  • Check-in Area 1.

  •  Kiosk and/or self baggage drop not available.

  • Opening Time: 3 hours before STD

THAI Reservation & Ticket Office:


  • Concourse D

  • Currently, due to covid-19, Lufthansa lounge is closed and lounge facility for ROP Platinum/Gold members not available.

Basic Facts

  • City to which THAI flies : Dubai

    Clothing : United Arab Emirates’ climate is hot and dry. Light clothing and sun protection is advised.

    Visas and health regulations:
    • Visas are available upon arrival for most nationalities. All visitors must hold a passport valid for three months from the date of entry. Visitors must have confirmed tickets for their next destination.
    • No vaccinations are required for entry to the UAE. A certificate is required for cholera and yellow fever if arriving from an affected area.

    Language : Arabic is the official language of the Emirates. English is widely used.

    Voltage : 220 and 240 volts, 50Hz.

    Credit cards : Major credit cards are widely accepted.

    Business hours :
    • United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country. Friday is the day of rest.
    • Business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday to Thursday.
    • During the holy month of Ramadan businesses may stop work in the middle of the day.