Thai Airways International has made some adjustments of flight schedules for Australia and across the network due to aircraft rotation and maintenance.

Customers booked with a travel agent should contact the travel agent for assistance.  For customers booked direct, THAI wil contact you to update your travel arrangements.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these adjustments.


Customers booked to travel with Thai Airways International, either via a travel agent or online via, are not charged any additional fees to request services such as special meals, wheelchairs or for seat allocation.

In some cases, some travel agents may impose fees for these requests and we recommend customers should check with the booking/ticketing agent for details of any fees charged and ask for clarification if necessary.

Fees may apply for changes or corrections to ticketed bookings or for some specialist services.  Please call us on 1300 651 960 for information.



Agents Advice and Information


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Download Agents Advice 11/18

06 Sep '18

THAI’s Policy for Earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan

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THAI's Policy for Typhoon JABI in OSAKA - Revised

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30 Aug '18

Adjusted Flight Schedules & Aircraft Changes        

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Schedule of Fees – Thai Airways International

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THAI's Policy for Earthquake in Lombok - Indonesia

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THAI’s Published Carrier Fare adjustment

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THAI's Policy for Mount Agung Denpasar-Bali

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Revision of THAI’s Credit Card Fees

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16 May '18

Revision of THAI’s Credit Card Fees

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04 Apr '18

Thailand Passenger Service Charge (PSC)