Thai Airways International has made some adjustments of flight schedules for Australia and across the network due to aircraft rotation and maintenance.

Customers booked with a travel agent should contact the travel agent for assistance.  For customers booked direct, THAI wil contact you to update your travel arrangements.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these adjustments.


Customers booked to travel with Thai Airways International, either via a travel agent or online via, are not charged any additional fees to request services such as special meals, wheelchairs or for seat allocation.

In some cases, some travel agents may impose fees for these requests and we recommend customers should check with the booking/ticketing agent for details of any fees charged and ask for clarification if necessary.

Fees may apply for changes or corrections to ticketed bookings or for some specialist services.  Please call us on 1300 651 960 for information.



Pilot Qualifications/Trainings



  1. Filling in the application form

  2. Group written test

  3. Medical test

  4. Interview

  5. Aptitude test


  1. Filling in the application form

  2. Group written test

  3. Medical test is not required

  4. Interview

  5. Aptitude test

Note: Applicants for CAT II need not undergo a medical test but will proceed to the next step. Other procedures remain the same as for CAT I, expect the requirements for CAT II are slightly different and are listed in the appendix.

The Qualification of Student Pilots

form in person at the Flight Operations & Training Center (BLD. No.5), within the scheduled dates.
The requirements are as follows :

·   Thai national, male, age below 28 years (applicable date of birth not before October 1)

·   Exempted from military service

·   University graduate with a Bachelor Degree

·   Good command of spoken and written English

·   Excellent health, Good eye sight

·   Minimum height 165 cms

Pilot's recruiting and selecting process

Applicants who possess all the requirements will be required to sit for a group written test. This test will consist of English language papers and Technical knowledge papers.

Applicants who pass the written test with a satisfactory result will qualify for the medical test at their own expense.

Only applicants who pass the medical test will be required to attend an interview by THAI Pilot Selection Committee, then applicants who pass the interview test could be eligible to sit for aptitude test, which is the final decisive test.


·    Applicants who pass this final decisive test with a satisfactory result will be accepted for THAI's sponsorship to study at the Civil Aviation Training Center at Hua Hin under THAI sponsorship.

·     The flying training course will last for 12 months, during which time THAI will pay for the cost of the training.



  1. Thai National male, age below 38 years (applicable date of Birth not before October 1)

  2. Possessing a Bachelor Degree

  3. Good command of both spoken and written English

  4. Graduated from a flying school recognized by THAI AIRWAYS INTERNATIONAL

  5. Holding a Commercial Pilot Licence

  6. Currently flying a fixed wing aircraft only