THAI and Travel Agent Fly365 Liquidation

23 June 2020



Updated information : 23 June 2020 - Updated Administrator



Thai Airways International would like to recommend the following for customers affected by the collapse of the online travel agent, Fly365, as follows:

Confirmed/Ticketed Fly365 Bookings

If you have received a confirmation and tax invoice from collapsed online travel agent, Fly365, with a THAI flight itinerary, this does not, unfortunately, confirm that an e-ticket has been issued.


If you have received an e-ticket, your flight booking should still be confirmed for travel.


You can check your booking status on our website via the Manage My Booking log in portal, using your airline reference number and your family name or surname.


If you can successfully retrieve your booking and you have an e-ticket, your booking should be confirmed for travel.  Note that if you can log on to your booking, you can also make seat requests, special meal requests and book extra luggage via the 'additional services' link.


If you flights have been cancelled by THAI due to the current network suspension, you can apply for an extension to your ticket up until December 2021.  Please see the THAI Special Assistance page here:


If you need to make any changes to your booking for any reason, you will need to contact your local THAI office.   Depending on the change required, additional airfare and taxes may apply.


Further, if you need to cancel your booking, you will need to contact us to cancel your flights but any refund will need to be processed via the Administrator.  Please note that THAI is unable to process ANY REFUND for tickets issued by Fly365 :



Aston Chase Group, email information is and website


Should your contact details in Australia change please advise us during business hours, Monday-Friday from 9am until 5pm excluding Public Holidays.


If you have already travelled from Australia, please contact the closest THAI office for assistance.  You will find contact details for all our offices on the Contact Us form on our website home page.

Please also note that flights/times and destinations on a ticket are not guaranteed and are subject to change for operational reasons or due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.


Confirmed/Unticketed Fly365 Bookings


If you are unable to retrieve your booking via our website and we have confirmed to you that e-tickets have not been issued for your fight itinerary booked through Fly365, your THAI flight reservations may have been already cancelled or will be cancelled.


If you paid money to Fly365 using a credit/debit card for the transaction, we recommend that you should contact your bank as soon as possible to initiate a payment dispute (chargeback).   If you require any confirmation that your booking has been cancelled, please contact us so we can supply verification.


If you are still intending to travel, a new booking will have to be made and a new ticket purchased through a travel agent or via our website.


For more information regarding the Fly365 collapse, please contact the Administrator :



Aston Chase Group, email information is and website


If you need further assistance from THAI, please email us or call your local THAI office.  We do apologise for the delay in reaching us due to the number of customers affected by the collapse of this travel agency.