Corporate Booking

Welcome to Thai Airways Corporate Travel Programe

Thai Airways Corporate Travel Programe is designed to enable corporate clients to enjoy substantial saving each time they purchase THAI tickets.


Companies must be China - registered. Subsidiaries, with relevant supporting documents can also be included in the programe.

Companies must have a minimum net flown expenditure in CNY per annum listed below.


Corporate fares will be offered to contracted companies to save travel cost.

Apply for Corporate Contract

Companies with China headquarters registered in below areas, please contact the responsible THAI office. For unlisted areas, please contact THAI Beijing office.

Please download and fill in the APPROACH FORM and send to the contact person via email.

Upon receiving your email, our sales executives will follow up details and procedures with you as soon as we can.

Office Contact Person Email Responsible Area Annum Revenue(CNY)
Beijing Elaine Jia Beijing/ Tianjin/ Hebei/ Shangdong/ Liaoning/ Heilongjiang/ Shanxi/ Jilin/ Neimenggu 240,000
Teresa Dai
Jessica Wang
Shanghai Brenda Zhu Shanghai/ Zhejiang/ Jiangsu/ Henan/ Hubei/ Anhui 100,000
Guangzhou/ Changsha Angela Huang Guangdong/ Guangxi/ Hunan/ Hainan/ Jiangxi 180,000
Chengdu/ Chongqing Kate Liao Sichuan/ Chongqing/ Shanxi/ Qinghai/ Xinjiang/ Gansu 100,000
Kunming Fang/Wei Yunnan/ Guizhou 15,000
Xiamen Pearl Wang Fujian/ Guangdong(Shantou)/ Jiangxi(Nanchang) 50,000