Supplementary Flight Notice

11 August 2019

Dear Passengers,

Thai Airways flights between Bangkok and Shanghai resume normal operation form 11Aug. The following supplementary flights will be operated for the cancelled flights of 10AUG.

Bangkok - Shanghai TG664/10AUG will be operated by flight TG664D, departure time 11AUG/12:45, arrival time 11AUG/18:00.

Bangkok - Shanghai TG662/10AUG will be operated by flight TG662D, departure time 11AUG/15:45, arrival time 11AUG/20:45.

Shanghai - Bangkok TG665/10AUG will be operated by flight TG665D, departure time 11AUG/19:10, arrival time 11AUG/22:10. Pudong Airport check-in counter C29-C36, check-in time: 16:35- 18:20

Shanghai - Bangkok TG663/10AUG will be operated by flight TG663D, departure time 11AUG/22:00, arrival time 12AUG/01:10. Pudong Airport check-in counter C32-C36, check-in time: 19:00- 21:10

Passengers on flight TG663D can try the standby list for flight TG665D at Pudong Airport.

All above is local time. TG662D/TG663D will be operated by Airbus 330, TG664D/TG665D will be operated by Airbus 359.

Please check further information through our website, Sina Weibo @IFLYTHAI and WeChat account @IFLYTHAI.

For passengers who may need proof of flight irregularity, please send your request to .

Should there be any further requirement for flights/dates change, please contact your ticketing agency or Thai Airways Contact Center in Bangkok, Tel: (662)3561111.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited Shanghai Office
Aug 11, 2019