(Effective for travel during 01JAN13 to 31DEC13)

Important Notice : All fares and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.


The Thailand Special APEX Fare is applicable for residents of a country outside Thailand and visits Thailand by using this TG Domestic Economy Services in connection with International travel originating and terminating outside Thailand. The expiry date of an international passenger ticket and/or completely used international ticket must not be in connection with The Thailand Special APEX Fare.

Q Class OW/RT/CT or single open jaw trip on TG operating services within Thailand, including TG 7XXX operated by THAI Smile . A maximum number of 6 coupons and a minimum number of 3 coupons are permitted.

For the first 3 coupons can be comprised of any domestic sectors, operated by THAI and THAI Smile services.

Exception: CNX-HKT v.v. sector can be issued in conjunction with an international travel to/from/via Thailand at the fourth and/or other subsequent coupon within the maximum number of coupons, as stated above.


USD 147 – for first 3 coupons except CNX-HKT v.v.

USD 49 – for each additional flight coupon except CNX-HKT v.v.

Exception : Each USD 98 is applicable to each sector of CNX-HKT, or HKT-CNX at the fourth coupon and /or other subsequent coupons within the maximum number of coupons, as stated above.

Note - Fare box to show USD and if payment made in other currency the amount of such currency, converted by the current BSR, will be shown in equivalent fare paid box.

Children/ Infant Fares

CHD (2-11 years of age): Discounted is not applicable.

INF (not occupying a seat): Discounted is not applicable.

Note – No other discounts shall apply.

Advance Reservation/ ticketing

Reservations for all sectors are required at least 21 days before departure

Ticketing must be completed within 72 hours after reservations are made or least 21 days before departure whichever is earlier.

Period of Application

  • These fares are valid for sale and travel commencing on/after 01JAN13.
  • Applicable period is 01JAN13 to 31DEC13.
  • All travel must be completed by 31DEC13.

Maximum Stay

1 months.


Only in conjunction with International travel to/from/via Thailand. Passenger must be able to show the connected international tickets on demand.

Note :International tickets/flights may be via any carrier. Ticketing for this Thailand Special APEX fare must be issued on THAI(217) plate/ stock.


  • Passenger itinerary must be specified in according to current TG flight schedule.
  • Booking Class - Q -
  • Request must be identified as – Thailand Special APEX Fares -.
  • Reservation may be made at TG office or Travel Agent


  • Tickets must be annotated ** THAILAND SPECIAL APEX **.
  • Ticket(s) for the fare must be issued separately showing reference to international ticket number(s).
  • Ticket entries : Fare basis - QAP

Indicate - *cancellation/reissue fee USD 50*.

  • Ticket may be issued at TG office or Travel Agent

Cancellation/Refund and Rerouting

  • Cancellation/reissue fee will be at a charge of USD 50.
  • Change of reservation for the first sector or other sectors may be made at least 3 hours in advance without cancellation fee if no reissuance of ticket is required
  • Refund after departure will be the higher balance of ticket(s) used at applicable normal fare.


  1. The fee is NOT subject to Child/Infant discount.
  2. Cancellation/reissue to be made at TG office or original issuing carrier only.


Passenger must be able to show on demand the valid international passport/Immigration Stamp/Visa…etc.

Note: Airport Tax will be added as applicable until further notice.

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