Special fares from Kunming to Australia/New Zealand

Ticketing period: Sep 1 - Dec 31, 2014

Travel commencing: Sep 1 - Sep 29, 2014; Oct 3 - Dec 31, 2014


Currency: CNY

Round trip from Kunming To: Booking Class Ticket Validity Net Fare
Sydney/ Melbourne/ Brisbane/ Perth Economy Q 1 month 4,100
Economy V 1 month 3,200
Economy W 1 month 2,500
Auckland Economy Q 1 month 4,600
Economy V 1 month 3,800
Economy W 1 month 3,150


  1. All taxes/charges/fuel surcharges are excluded and will be added to the fare.
  2. Thai Airways Int’l Kunming reserves the rights of price adjustments and final explanation on this promotion.

For more information and reservations, please contact Thai Airways Kunming Office or our authorized agents:

  1. Thai Airways Int’l Kunming Tel: 0871-63511515
  2. Yunnan Yuandao Air Service Tel: 0871-96114
  3. Yunnan Sanye Air Service Tel: 0871-63516888
  4. Yunnan Passenger & Cargo Agency Tel: 0871-68065111
  5. Kunming Huaxin Air Service Tel: 0871-63133333
  6. Kunming Xing Wuyi Air Service Tel: 0871-63111111
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