Loykratong promotion from Xiamen


Ticketing period: 09Nov, 2015 - 31Jan, 2016

Travel commencing: 09Nov, 2015 - 31Jan, 2016


Currency: CNY

Round trip from Xiamen To: RBD TICKET VALIDITY BASE FARE
Bangkok Q 1 month 1,380
V 1 month 1,270
W 1 month 1,150
Phuket/ Chiang Mai/ Krabi Q 1 month 1,960
V 1 month 1,840
W 1 month 1,730


  1. 1. Above fares are round trip NET fare excluding taxes & fuel surcharges, Child/Infant discount fare is not applicable. Fare is not applicable to UM service.
  2. 2. The itinerary for same farebasis group and same tourcode is allowed to mixed class, one way should be same class. Fares may be combined on a half return basis in order to construct RT fare at same destination.
  3. 3. The calss of domestic secotr should be same with the international sector.
  4. 4. Not allow to combine with add-on/SPA or any other net or published carrier fares.
  5. 5. Valid on TG operated flight/date shown only/Non-endorsable/Non-reroutable/ Non-refundable/Non extension.
  6. 6. After departure,reservation change is permitted with fee CNY500 per transaction.
  7. 7. One free stopover permitted in BKK for entire journey. Two free transfers permitted in BKK, one in each direction.
  8. 8. Full and sequent use of flight coupons. Ticket is not valid if the 1st coupon has not been used and will not be honoured if all coupons are not used in the sequence provided in the E-ticket.

For more details please contact THAI Xiamen office and following agencies:

  1. 泰航厦门办事处:0592-2261688
  2. 厦门建发:0592-2118080
  3. 厦门旅游总公司:0592-3989333
  4. 厦门腾邦:0592-968988
  5. 厦门外航:0592-5080888
  6. 厦门新鹭洲:0592-5186666
  7. 厦门一起飞:0592-8516666
  8. 晋江假日:0595-82821234
  9. 莆田海信:0594-2680690
  10. 福建康辉:0591-88088099
  11. 福建省旅:0591-28088888
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