Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) operates normal flights to Fukuoka, Japan and waives fees for ticketing changes.


Due to the earthquake at Kyushu Island, Japan, causing destruction and difficulty for THAI passengers traveling to and from Fukuoka, THAI is waiving fees for ticket changes during this period. Fees are waived for passengers holding THAI tickets issued from Thailand before 15 April 2016 for the round trip route Bangkok-Fukuoka-Bangkok, including THAI domestic tickets that are part of the Bangkok-Fukuoka-Bangkok itinerary.


1. Fees are waived for passengers who have already used part of their tickets, but are not able to return on the pre-booked flight. Passengers may change the date of their return flight in the same class of service. However, the return date must be before the expiry date of the ticket.

2. Fees are waived for passengers holding the complete unused ticket itinerary with travel date booked within 30 April 2016. Passengers may change the travel date one (1) time for the same class of travel and follow the same conditions as specified on the tickets.

3. Passengers requiring route change may change to Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya with no fees applied. However, passengers must pay the difference in ticket fares and associated taxes.


For additional information or ticket change inquiry, passengers may contact THAI Contact Center at +66(0)2-356-1111 or THAI sales offices in Fukuoka, Japan at +81 (0) 570-064-015


Inapplicable flights for Pre-Order Meals

Flight Number Origin
TG 304 Yangon Bangkok
TG 305 Bangkok Yangon
TG 306 Yangon Bangkok
TG 303
TG 323
TG 321
 Bangkok Dhaka 
TG 322
 Dhaka Bangkok 
TG 339
Bangkok  Dhaka 
TG 340
Dhaka  Bangkok 
TG 341
Bangkok  Karachi 
TG 342
Karachi  Bangkok 
TG 345
Bangkok  Lahore 
TG 346
Lahore Bangkok 
TG 349
 Bangkok Islamabad 
TG 350
 Islamabad Bangkok 
TG 402
TG 403
TG 415
Kuala Lumpur
TG 416
 Kuala Lumpur Bangkok 
TG 417
Bangkok  Kuala Lumpur 
TG 418
 Kuala Lumpur Bangkok 
TG 465
TG 473
TG 481
TG 483
TG 507
Bangkok  Karachi 
TG 507
 Bangkok Muscat 
TG 507
TG 508
TG 508
TG 508 Karachi Bangkok
TG 517
 Bangkok Dubai 
TG 550 Bangkok Ho Chi Minh
TG 560 Bangkok Hanoi
TG 580 Bangkok Phnom Penh
TG 551 Ho Chi Minh Bangkok
TG 556 Bangkok Ho Chi Minh
TG 557 Ho Chi Minh Bangkok
TG 561 Hanoi  Bangkok
TG 564 Bangkok Hanoi 
TG 565 Hanoi  Bangkok
TG 570 Bangkok Vientiane
TG 571 Vientiane Bangkok
TG 574 Bangkok Vientiane
TG 575 Vientiane  Bangkok 
TG 581 Phnom Penh Bangkok
TG 584 Bangkok Phnom Penh
TG 585 Phnom Penh Bangkok
TG 600 Bangkok Hong Kong 
TG 603 Hong Kong  Bangkok
TG 620 Bangkok Manila
TG 622 Bangkok  Osaka 
TG 632 Bangkok Taipei
TG 634 Bangkok Taipei
TG 637 Taipei Bangkok
TG 640 Bangkok Narita 
TG 642 Bangkok Narita
TG 644 Bangkok Nagoya
TG 647 Nagoya Bangkok
TG 648 Bangkok Fukuoka
TG 650 Bangkok Busan 
TG 656 Bangkok Seoul
TG 658 Bangkok Seoul
TG 661 Haneda Bangkok
TG 663 Shanghai  Bangkok
TG 670 Bangkok Sapporo
TG 675 Beijing  Bangkok
TG 682  Bangkok Haneda
TG 684 Bangkok Phuket
TG 685 Beijing Phuket 
TG 685 Phuket Bangkok
TG 926 Bangkok Phuket
TG 926 Phuket Frankfurt
TG 927 Phuket Bangkok
TG 951 Copenhagen Bangkok
TG 953 Copenhagen Phuket 
TG 953 Copenhagen Bangkok
TG 953 Phuket  Bangkok
TG 955 Oslo Bangkok
TG 961 Stockholm  Bangkok
TG 963 Stockholm  Phuket 
TG 963 Phuket  Bangkok
TG 975 Moscow Bangkok