One of the most celebrated aspects of Thai culture is the art of Thai massage, which can be enjoyed throughout the kingdom in some of the world's most famous spas. Always dedicated to our heritage, THAI has recreated the fine art of the Thai spa in our home airport, offering our passengers a relaxation and rejuvenation experience that's found nowhere else in the air travel industry.
Meticulously decorated in quieting Thai aesthetics colours and themes, and insulated from the noise and bustle of the airport around it, the Royal Orchid Spa is a multi-sensory oasis that brings the art of the journey to new heights.
Enjoy a full menu of Thai, foot, or oil massages that use aromatherapy and gentle music to ease you into supreme relaxation, or take an herbal steam or sauna treatment to ease the aches out of your travel-weary body. Finish with a fine meal or a clean shower, and you'll emerge from our spa in an almost impossibly refreshed state, ready for the next travel adventure.

Royal Orchid Spa at Concourse D,
level 3 - 667 sq.m. is primarily designed to serve Royal First and Royal Silk Class Passengers with a full range os spa services.

Opening hours:
06:00 am. - 11:30 pm.
    • General Facilities
    • 32-seats Lounge Area
    • Healthy Snacks
    • Hot/Cold Herbal Drink
    • First Class Zone Facilities:
    • 3 Touch Of Silk Suites (Body Massage)
    • 6 Neck & Shoulder or Relaxing Foot Massage Corners
    • 2 Steam Rooms
    • 2 Sauna Rooms
    • 4 Shower Rooms
    • Toilets
    • Silk Class Zone Facility:
    • 8 Neck & Shoulder or Relaxing Foot Massage Corners
Treatment Menu:
Touch of Silk(Full Body Oil Massage – 60 minutes for First Class only)
Royal Thai Massage(Full Body Massage - 60 minutes for First Class only)
Neck & Shoulder Massage(30 minutes)
Foot Massage(30 minutes)
Lounge Access: