Boeing 787-9
Boeing 787-9lavatories 8 ,CA seats 13

Number of Aircraft

  • 2

Number of seats

  • 298

Class of travel

  • Royal Silk Class : 30
  • Economy Class : 268


  • Refer to the standards of the US Federal Aviation Administration, the business class seats have been installed with new safety belts and airbag system. For this reason, the safety belt cannot accommodate a passenger whose waist is larger than 56" and a parent with a child sitting on his or her lap.


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Royal Silk Class

A balanced and soothing environment for focused work or well-earned escape, offering generous dimensions, privacy, and a Thai-themed gallery in the sky.
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Economy Class

An ergonomically designed and feature-filled space where your needs are anticipated and smiles are served from boarding to final destination.
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