THAI Introduces new level of service In royal silk class

THAI introduces New Royal Silk Service


THAI is proud to introduce a new level of service in Royal Silk Class. It marks yet another step forward on its commitment to ongoing excellence, and embodies Thailand’s inimitable hospitality and culture, transformed by THAI into a service passengers can enjoy on board.

The New Royal Silk Service starts by highlighting a distinctive experience, which includes a personal greeting, a special welcome package, and touches throughout the flight such as an individual turn-down service.

The service also features All Day Dine, with passengers in Royal Silk Class now able to savour a range of delightful Thai and Western dishes accompanied by the finest wines, cocktails and refreshing beverages, at a time of their choosing. What’s more, passengers can experience the delights of the new Samrab Thai menu; authentic full-course Siamese cuisine, crafted from the freshest ingredients and comprising the distinctive Thai touch.


Samrab Thai, the unique serving style of Thai food, creates more than just a meal. It reflects the Thai way of life, including national culture, culinary arts, visual arts and delicate craftmanship. It reflects the Thai people's affinity with nature and produce. Thai cuisine is about pairing complementary tastes and textures; crispy fried fish is eatean as a side dish with Kaeng Som, a spicy sour soup. Sweetened pork accompanies shrimp-paste fried rice. These unusual combinations create the unique taste that Thai food delivers. Quality organic ingredients are sourced from Thailand's Royal Project farms, and the craftmanship of food carving and intricate ceramic ware, known as Benjarong, illustrate the rich artistic heritate that is part of Thai cuisine.

THAI has also created an original emblem for the new service which captures the essence of Thai warmth and symbolises the heartfelt caring that is central to THAI’s hospitality. It is derived from the motif of the Khit pillow, the triangular shaped cushion customarily placed in Thai living rooms to welcome guests in a truly relaxing way.

The motif also represents the cordiality and compassion of the classic Thai gable roof. It signifies the meaning of ‘home’, the feeling of reassurance and comfort. Similarly, it radiates the innately considerate ambience that THAI creates and always cherishes in every aspect of the service it provides to passengers.




18 January 2017