THAI Prepares to Serve Islamabad International Airport in Pakistan

Thai Airways International is prepared to provide flight operations to and from the newly constructed international airport in Islamabad, Pakistan, from 3rd May 2018.

From this date onwards, all international flights operating to and from Islamabad, Pakistan will stop serving the current  airport which will be officially closed, with flights serving the new airport - Islamabad International Airport.

THAI operates four roundtrip flights per week from Bangkok to Islamabad on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Details are as follows:

- TG349 departs Bangkok at 19:00 and arrive in Islamabad at 22:10 (local time).
- TG350 departs Islamabad at 23:20 (local time) and arrives in Bangkok at 06:25 hours (following day).

For further information please contact your local THAI office.


04 May 2018