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THAI Maintains Thai Traditions During The 2018 Songkran Festival

THAI Ground Staff Dress in Thai Costume to Celebrate Songkran 2018


Thai Airways International  will join in preserving Thai traditions and culture during the 2018 Songkran Festival. To celebrate the festival, THAI cabin crew will wear the national Thai costume from the reign of King Rama V of Thailand, and THAI ground staff will welcome passengers with Rod Nam Dam Hua and Song Nam Phra activities, with passengers being asked for their blessing and given the opportunity to pour scented water over Buddha statues.

Mrs. Usanee Sangsingkeo, THAI Acting President, said that THAI, as the national carrier, has continually supported Thai heritage during the Songkran Festival. In the past, THAI cabin crew and ground staff have worn attire made of Thai silk and colourful flowered shirts to mark Songkran. This year, in response to the Government’s policy to support the conservation of Thai culture, THAI encourages its employees to wear the traditional Thai attire every Tuesday.  The Company recently held the “Revival of Traditional Thai Culture” event, where employees were asked to wear traditional Thai attire to work for the entire week, in an effort to promote wearing traditional Thai clothing in everyday life. During Songkran, a THAI cabin crew will dress in a traditional Thai costume from the reign of King Rama V of Thailand on 40 domestic and international THAI flights, on routes such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Vientiane, Phnom Penh, and Yangon, from now until 30th April 2018.

Moreover, THAI check-in counters at Suvarnabhumi Airport will be decorated with Northern Lanna flags (Tung) while Thai scented water and fragrant white clay powder will be used in decorating the Royal First and Royal Silk lounges, based on the Songkran theme. THAI Ground Staff will dress in the national Thai costume to welcome passengers at Premium Check-in Row A, Suvarnabhumi Airport, from now until 20th April 2018. Mrs. Manusnunt Sitthijirasin (fourth from left), THAI Managing Director, Ground Customer Services, recently welcomed passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport.  Passengers will also be invited to pour scented water over Buddha statues (a tradition called Song Nam Phra) at Premium Check-in Row A, Departure Hall, Fourth Floor, Exit One, and THAI lounges at Concourse D.

Special Thai desserts will be offered at all lounges from 12th to 14th April 2018, which includes rice soaked in cool water (Khao Chae), Mango Sticky Rice, and Mung Bean Paste (Luk Chup) are offered in the Royal First Class Lounge while pinched gold egg yolks (Thong yip), Mung Bean Paste (Luk Chup), Sticky Rice with Thai Custard, Steamed Cassava Cake, and Thai Jelly are available in the Royal Silk Class lounge, where passengers can enjoy Songkran and experience THAI hospitality.


03 April 2018