Ticketing Service Fee effective 01st December 2018

20 November 2018

Ticketing Service Fee (OB Fee) will be introduced for ticket issuance by TG ATO/CTO and Thai Contact Centre with effective December 01, 2018 onwards.The Ticketing Service Fee will be charged with following conditions

Place of Ticket PurchaseRegion of Ticket Issued Routing CurrencyAmounts
thaiairways.com All Region All Not Applicable
 THAI Ticket Offices/ Airport Counter
or Reservation Office
(THAI Contact Center)
Thailand Domestic USD 2
Regional USD 10
Intercontinental USD 15
Intercontinental/ Japan All USD 30
Regional USD 10
Indo China USD 5
Note : Exclude Korea, Hong Kong due to government rules/ regulations


- Applies at all TG Ticketing Offices (ATO, CTO) and Thai Contact Centre
- The Ticketing Services Fee is charged at the same rate for all booking classes in USD or local currency equivalent (Local applicable government taxes are payable separately).
- Applies to TG New Ticket Issuance (217) per passenger for one set of flight tickets. The Ticketing Service Fee does not apply to any reissued ticket.
- Applies to infant who turns 2 years old during the trip.
- For a set of separate tickets purchased at a same time as a series of a journey, only one Ticketing Service Fee applies.
- Applies to ticket issued with TG fare and itinerary includes other airline sectors which processed through TG ATO/CTO and Thai Contact Centre.
- Applies to international Royal Orchid Plus (ROP) Award tickets issued by TG ATO/CTO and Thai Contact Centre.
- Ticketing Service Fee is non- refundable and non- interline able